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    Four departments: check all medical institutions name prohibition "by brand name"

    • Last Update: 2020-07-31
    • Source: Internet
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    Medicine Network July 24 - The Office of the National Health and Health Commission, the General Office of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the General Office of the General Administration of Market Supervision, and the Office of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly issued the Notice on Further Standardizing the Management of the Names of Medical Institutions (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), which requires that from now on, all medical institutions will be listed and cleaned up.
    the name of medical institution is a legal matter for medical institutions to practice and register, the plaque is the facade, the name is left to the patient's first impression.
    a loud name is supposed to be, but if there is speculation, deliberate imitation and other acts, is a violation, will be punished and banned accordingly.
    Notice, in recent years, the relevant departments strictly perform their duties in accordance with the law, strengthen the management of the names of medical institutions, but there are still some medical institutions name is not standardized, not strict, the use of unapproved words, deliberateimitation of other medical institutions name, the people to see a doctor misleading.
    to this, "Notice" requirements from now on, all places began to the jurisdiction of all medical institutions name inspection and clean-up, the specific requirements are as follows: the scope of inspection: All medical institutions "notice" provisions, from the date of this notice issued, health, civil affairs, market supervision departments in accordance with the authority of responsibility, all medical institutions in the jurisdiction of the name of the inspection and clean-up.
    the name of a medical institution shall comply with the naming rules stipulated in the Regulations on the Administration of Medical Institutions, etc. of the 6 thia requirements 1, and shall be suitable for the types of medical institutions and the subjects of diagnosis and treatment;
    5, health and health administrative departments and market regulatory authorities should gradually establish and improve well-known hospital word library and name ban word library.
    for the application registration contains Concord, Tongren, Huashan, Xiangya, Qilu, Huaxi and other well-known hospitals related words, without relevant authorization, will not be registered.
    6. If the name of a medical institution contains the name of a foreign country (region), the name of an international organization, the name of an international organization, the name of the cross-country, and the words "international", it shall comply with the conditions stipulated in the Regulations on the Administration of Medical Institutions and the Notice of the Ministry of Health on further regulating the naming of medical institutions (Health Care Medicine (2006) No. 433), and shall be reported to the National Health and Health Administration and the State Administration of Chinese Medicine in accordance with the procedures and shall not be used without approval.
    the three key clean-up objects are: 1, the use of names that may cause ambiguity or mislead patients; 2, the use of harmonics, adjectives and other imitation or implied names of other medical institutions; 3, containing the names of foreign countries (regions) and their abbreviations, the names of international organizations, cross-country names, "international" and other circumstances.
    to change the name of the violation in accordance with the law.
    provincial health and health administrative departments by the end of August to the National Health and Health Commission.
    severely crack down on medical institutions using names to practice "notice" in accordance with the law, said that health, civil affairs and market regulatory departments everywhere should further strengthen after-the-fact supervision, for medical institutions to use well-known hospital name logo without authorization, the use of illegal names to publish false advertising, deceive or induce patients, exaggerated illness or efficacy, price fraud, to increase the intensity of the fight, in accordance with the law, the comprehensive use of abnormal business list, serious breach of trust list, bad breach of trust, medical institutions, such as the sale of credit.
    to further open the channels for reporting complaints, enhance the awareness of medical institutions and the public to defend their rights in accordance with the law, and jointly maintain a good medical order.
    medical institutions have minefields, do not step on sometimes, is not the doctor deliberately to violate the law or medical institution operators deliberately to touch the law, but because some details were ignored, feel that there is not much, with a sense of empathy, but these seemingly insignificant behavior, let a lot of people accidentally touch the red line.
    may 29 this year, the General Office of the State Administration of Market Supervision issued "on the well-known hospitals and other institutions are counterfeit to carry out the clean-up notice."
    explicitly calls for strengthening the regulatory management of the names of for-profit medical institutions, and shall not be registered without authorization for the names of enterprises that contain the names of well-known hospitals such as "Concord";
    to step up efforts to crack down on unfair competition such as counterfeiting confusion and false propaganda.
    focus on investigating counterfeit ingemasandions such as unauthorized use of well-known hospitals and other institutions with certain influence, and false propaganda such as publishing false medical information.
    , the name of the medical institution shall match the name of the institution whose medical machine license is licensed.
    As early as May 2017, a medical institution in Futian District, Shenzhen, that read "Li Lifang Chinese and Western Medicine Clinic" was fined 5000 yuan for not matching the name of the license for medical machine practice.
    the original punishment because the clinic "medical institutions license practice" written in the "Li Lifang Chinese and Western medicine combined clinic", the subject of diagnosis and treatment for the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, and the words on the plaque does not match.
    In accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Medical Institutions promulgated by the former Ministry of Health, the names of institutions such as the seals, plaques and prescription notes of medical institutions shall be the same as those of the institutions approved for registration of the Medical InstitutionS Practice License.
    as a medical institution that really attracts patients to medical technology rather than names.
    medical institutions name check operation has begun, we timely self-examination, name is not a small matter, not because of a momentary luck or to the effect of the violation of the provisions.
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