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    Frequently Asked Questions About Food Ingredient List Labeling

    • Last Update: 2022-09-22
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    water sign

    During food manufacturing or processing, water added should be declared in the ingredient list
    Water or other volatile ingredients that have evaporated during processing do not need to be labeled

    For example, the foods that need to be labeled for water include: beverages, tofu, wet rice noodles, frozen drinks, steamed buns,

    Foods that do not need to be labeled with water include: biscuits, shortbread, puffed food,

    Labeling of enzyme auxiliaries

    If the enzyme preparation has lost the enzyme activity in the final product, it does not need to be labeled; if the enzyme preparation still maintains the enzyme activity in the final product, it should be in accordance with the relevant regulations indicated in the food ingredients table, and the amount of enzyme preparation added when manufacturing or processing food.
    Arranged in the corresponding position of the ingredient list


    Labelling of compound ingredients

    When the compound ingredients directly added to the food have national standards, industry standards, or local standards, and the added amount is less than 25% of the total food, the food additives are in line with the introduction principle of GB 2760 and cannot be used in the final product.
    For technical purposes, no marking is required

    If there is soy sauce in the ingredients of canned braised beef, and the sodium benzoate brought in by soy sauce has no preservative effect in the final product, it is not necessary to indicate it in the ingredient list of canned braised beef

    Another example is a product whose food name is salt-baked chicken.
    Since there is no corresponding national standard, industry standard or local standard for salt-baked chicken material, the ingredient label should be chicken, salt-baked chicken material (edible salt, glutamine, etc.
    sodium, cornstarch, ginger)


    of aspartame Foods with added "aspartame" should be labelled: "aspartame (containing phenylalanine)" ---- GB2760 requirements

    Labeling of compound food additives

    Each food additive that has a functional role in the final product should be listed in the food ingredient list

    For example, couscous: Ingredients: whole wheat flour, flour, oats, white sugar, white sesame seeds, peanuts, melon seeds, shredded coconut, water, yeast, compound food additives: baking powder (sodium bicarbonate, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, corn starch, disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate, potassium tartrate)


    format of names

    The labels of the ingredients in the ingredient list should be clear, easy to identify and read, and the ingredients can be separated by commas, semicolons, spaces and other easy-to-distinguish ways


    In the picture above, the food additive (potassium sorbate) is one of the ingredients, so it is illegal to label it separately


    Quantitative labeling of ingredients
    Only when a certain ingredient or ingredient is mentioned in the food name for the purpose of reflecting the true properties of the food and is not particularly emphasized on the label, it is not necessary to indicate the added amount or content of the ingredient or ingredient in the finished product
    Quantitative labelling is also not required when only the taste of the food is emphasized

    In the picture above, Ejiao only appears in the name of the food, and it is not emphasized in the label.
    The content of Ejiao can be marked or not

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