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    From next month, the FDA will conduct a major inspection of pharmacies by the Joint Health Insurance Administration.

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    On June 10, the Shaanxi Provincial Drug Administration and the Medical Insurance Bureau jointly issued the Notice on the Special Inspection of The Central Procurement and Use of Selected Drugs by State Organizations (hereinafter referred to as "Notice").
    According to the notification requirements, from the date of the spontaneous text to the end of June 2020, the drug distribution enterprises, related medical institutions and pharmaceutical retail enterprises involved in the selection of drugs need to conduct self-examination, risk assessment, reason analysis, formulation of corrective measures that may affect the quality of drugs and violations of medical insurance-related policies, form a self-examination and rectification report, respectively, reported to the provincial drug regulatory bureau and related branches, provincial medical insurance bureau and municipal (district) medical insurance bureauStarting in July, for a period of three months, the provincial drug administration and the sub-offices, the provincial medical insurance bureau and the municipal (district) medical insurance bureau organization will jointly carry out centralized inspection of selected drugs in the jurisdiction.
    Among them, it is worth noting that for retail companies involved in selected medicines, joint inspections will focus on corporate compliance checks and drug quality managementAccording to the notice, the main will check whether the enterprise is issued a license, practicing pharmacists in the absence of the job, such as 7 major acts.
    In fact, in February last year, the National Health Insurance Administration in the "on the 2019 medical security fund supervision notice" clearly, the health care sector will establish flight inspection mechanism, supervision and guidance of local work, fixed-point pharmacies will be "double-flying" inspection firepower cover, not only to accept drug, market regulators in the drug safety inspection, but also to deal with the health care sector in the maintenance of health insurance fund safety supervision, real pressure is doubled.
    For example, on July 15, 2019, the market regulator and the health insurance department of The city of Puyang conducted a two-month flight inspection since MayPuyang City Market Supervision Bureau inspected a total of 672 pharmacies, of which 13 were investigated, ordered to rectify 154 within a time limit, revoked the "Drug Management Quality Management Standard Certification Certificate" 3, enterprises actively reduce the scope of business 113, actively shut down 26, actively write off 11 pharmacies, actively write off 190 practitioners.
    The medical insurance bureau of Puyang City, a total of 481 fixed-point retail pharmacies, interviewed 4 fixed-point pharmacies, suspended 17 medical insurance fixed-point pharmacies of the medical insurance settlement agreement, the lifting of a fixed-point medical institutions of the medical insurance settlement agreementAt the same time, 13 leads on other issues were handed over to market regulators.
    At present, the joint inspection of pharmaceutical retail enterprises in various provinces and cities is still in full swingIn May 2020, in accordance with the requirements of the Shanghai Municipal Drug Administration on the special rectification of the practice of drug retail enterprises and the notice on the special governance of the "Anti-Fraud And Fraudulent Medical Security Fund" in Jinshan District, the Jinshan Market Supervision Bureau jointly conducted a special inspection of retail pharmacies in the jurisdiction.
    The inspection dispatched more than 50 people, formed 12 inspection groups, a total of 22 retail pharmacies, focusing on the practice of pharmacists on-the-job, drug procurement and acceptance, drug storage and maintenance, drug sales management and other content to carry out inspection.
    As can be seen from the above examples, a long-term mechanism for cross-sectoral joint disciplinary and joint crackdown in the pharmaceutical retail industry is being establishedIn order to safely deal with inspection, healthy development, pharmacies still have to find a way to operate in legal compliance, remember because of small loss.
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