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    From the 2014 China paint data to see the future market movements

    • Last Update: 2021-03-01
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    China Paints
    : In 2014, China's total consumption of
    reached 13.1 million tons, which is expected to rise to 17.9 million tons by 2018.
    the year, China's paint industry grew at an average annual rate of 6.5%, slightly below China's trend over the years, but still showing significant growth compared with mature markets such as the European Union, the United States and Japan.
    the overall weakness of the global economic situation and the slowdown in some downstream industries, china's paint market slowed overall in 2014 after four years of rapid growth.
    , the construction, automotive, electrical and infrastructure sectors, which are in high demand for coatings, remain within the limits of reasonable growth.
    construction continues to be the most important driver of China's paint market - affordable housing construction, commercial housing construction and infrastructure construction are critical to the research and development of the coatings industry.
    protective coatings, occupy China's second largest paint market. This is due to the rapid development of construction, transportation, petrochemical, energy and mechanical engineering projects.
    , nuclear power, wind infrastructure, high-speed rail, roads, bridges, containers and offshore projects continue to drive the development of China's protective coatings market.
    industry in the export has been repeatedly frustrated, but the domestic solid wood furniture market strong demand to fill this gap.
    powder coatings
    market, which continues to show an upward trend, spurred by strong demand from equipment manufacturers and the construction industry.
    the development
    in China, the government has implemented traffic control in major cities, influenced by the growth of automobile production and volume.
    the plastic coatings market became the fastest growing segment of the
    industry in 2014 as demand for
    equipment and related accessories increased significantly.
    's marine coatings market is not developing well because of the slowdown in the development of the global marine industry and the great competition from other Asian countries in shipbuilding and maintenance.
    other areas such as coil coatings, road sign coatings, canned coatings and aviation coatings, each showing a steady growth trend.
    Chinese average coating consumption is only 9.6 kg. In
    , per capita consumption was 3.6 kg. That's well below the global average and below western per capita consumption.
    shows that the future of China's paint market still has a huge, many untapped market potential.
    , however, after a decade of rapid development, China's paint market, both manufacturers and consumers, has become more rational.
    , China's coatings industry will see a faster consolidation trend among paint manufacturers, distributors and service providers. At the same time, there will be further challenges in the areas of environment, capital, strategic transformation, products, services and security.
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