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    Fruit milk tea is so hot, the sales of multiple brands will be the next trend?

    • Last Update: 2021-04-16
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    In 2021, fruit milk tea is becoming a hot spot in the industry.
    Many tea brands have indicated that their sales are among the best, and some brands have planned to include this category in the new season's menu.

    From Naixue to Xicha, from 7fentian to Heihongtang, from Guangdong to Wuhan, from Yangzhi Ganlu to grape milk.

    All phenomena indicate that the fruit milk tea is on fire.

    Will this category, which extends from Yangzhi Nectar and Strawberry Milk Tea, become the next outlet?

    Recently, we interviewed a number of tea brands, from product to research and development, from market performance to brand internal views, and conducted a comprehensive analysis of fruit milk tea.

    Current market status of fruit milk tea

    Current market status of fruit milk tea

    In the fruit milk tea series, many brands have also been continuously updated.
    Heihongtang launched a new series of Berry Zui products last year.
    Among them, "Berry Zui Coconut Coconut Snow Mountain" exceeded the expected sales volume that month.
    This product is priced at 18 yuan.
    According to founder Shi Pingmei, recent sales of fruit milk tea products The amount is basically in the top three.

    Chajianjian, which is located in Hubei, is currently the hottest item in the store "18-year-old Taimang".
    This mango-based product is priced at 22 yuan.
    Since its launch, the sales volume has been ranked in the top three.
    Wei Mingjun, the person in charge of Chajianjian, said that this product has good stability, good appearance, high takeaway evaluation and repurchase rate, and netizens basically recommend this product.

    The Sichuan brand Yuanzhenzhen’s "Zhenzhen Qilan Ali" is priced at 15 yuan for the middle cup.
    The person in charge of the region said that after the product was launched, the sales volume has been very good and the customer reviews are also quite high.

    The sales volume of fruit milk tea products of Chengdu Embroidery Tea Table ranks in the top ten, all of which are mainly strawberries, peaches, and mangoes.
    The monthly sales amount of single products is more than 50,000 yuan.

    There are also sales data of brands in the southwest region, and the sales ratio of fruit milk tea basically accounts for the top.

    In addition, the founders of some brands such as Fengcha and Xinsuo said that they will be moving towards fruit milk tea in March this year.
    The founder of Fengcha, Pan Dinghong, said that he will start with peaches.
    This fruit has good flavor and high appearance, and the product has advantages over other fruits.

    It can be seen from the above data that most consumers prefer strawberries, grapes, and peach fruits, which of course are also related to the season.
    In terms of price, some manufacturers' R&D engineers said that the overall national price is relatively stable in the range of 16-23 yuan.

    The cost of raw materials generally fluctuates around 6 yuan, because the average gross profit on the market now is about 65%, so take the average, and the retail price of around 18 yuan falls into the cost of around 6 yuan.
    Of course, it depends on each brand.

    Innovate in application production

    Innovate in application production

    Most people in the industry believe that fruit milk tea has become a topic this year.
    It is a phenomenon that extends from the sub-category of Yangzhi Ganlu.
    Yangzhi Ganlu has been more successful in application.
    If you use jasmine milk green as the base for production, add pre-made Fruits and juices effectively solved the problem of the green flavor of jasmine milk.
    The addition of small ingredients greatly demonstrated the characteristics of fruit milk tea, so peach nectar, strawberry nectar, mango nectar and so on appeared in the follow-up.

    After extending to fruit milk tea, the application has been improved by a level.
    For example, Naxue’s new "Bumping Tea" series allows both fruit and milk tea to be combined in a cup of drink:

    It can be made cold or hot, which overcomes the problem that fruit tea is difficult to make hot drinks, and also provides a rich taste;

    Fruits with small ingredients are fully integrated into the tea soup, giving full play to the value of appearance, aroma, and taste, and also controlling the cost and instability of fresh fruits, making the landing and production more controllable.

    From the perspective of these two sub-categories, how the product is applied is the key.

    01 Tea-based oolong tea may become a trend

    01 Tea-based oolong tea may become a trend

    Dapeng, a senior R&D engineer and trainer in the industry, said that most R&D engineers will use green tea as the tea base, and he suggested that oolong is the most suitable for fruit milk tea, because green tea does not contain thearubigen or thearbrin, which is natural to dairy products.
    Without fusion, it can be said that oolong tea is an upgrade of green tea making fruit milk tea.

    However, if green tea is used as the tea base, especially green tea with floral and fruity aromas, it is more appropriate to make fruit milk teas in the smoothie series, and the acceptance is very high.
    Black tea has a heavy sense of tea, and making fruit milk tea does not highlight the freshness of fruit milk tea.

    Chirs, the head of back-end R&D of Maxson, also thinks Oolong is more appropriate.
    He said that Tea Baidao has released a strawberry Dahongpao this year, which is a smoothie product.
    Among them, Dahongpao is mainly used as a tea base, with strawberries and milk.
    The product combination has been carried out, and the product structure is particularly good.

    Chirs said that now fruit milk teas tend to be fragrant, and fragrant teas are more suitable for making fruit milk teas, such as sweet-scented osmanthus oolong and rose oolong.

    In this regard, they have also developed a "non-alcoholic strawberry Dahongpao milk tea", innovating and adjusting the flavor, adding the characteristics of non-alcoholic beer syrup and small ingredients to make the overall saturation and flavor of this product Sex and interest are stronger.

    02 Single category breakdown

    02 Single category breakdown

    It is observed that some big brands launched new fruit milk teas last year, which are basically applied with a kind of fruit flavor.
    Naixue’s "Grape Crashing Treasure Tea" and Hey Tea’s "Homesick Longan" all reflect the unique flavors of sub-categories.

    Teacher Dapeng explained that this application emphasizes the triple confirmation method.
    For example, a product is mainly grapes, 1.
    the tea is grape oolong, 2.
    the liquid contains grape juice, 3.
    the jelly is the grape flavor, and the final decoration There are raisins on top of the cream, which is a very good consumer experience.
    It feels like being surrounded by grapes all the time, confirming the expression of grape taste.

    03 Reflect the value of small materials

    03 Reflect the value of small materials

    Then there is the application of small materials.
    Pan Dinghong said that because of Yangzhi Nectar, everyone has a higher acceptance of the concept of fruit milk than before, but more of the reason lies in the upgrade of small materials.

    ●Diversified application small materials

    Nowadays, fruit milk is no longer just made with materials such as fruit powder.
    High-quality fresh fruits can also be used as small materials, which are well combined with milk-containing products, and are no longer limited to traditional small materials.
    At the same time, it can also reflect the specific flavor of fruit milk tea.

    ●Improve the visual sense of small materials

    Visually, most of the small ingredients are sinking to the bottom of the cup, and the presentation is not high.
    After the popularity of the snow top milk tea in the past few years, the research and development team will apply various small materials on the snow top, such as powder, nuts, fruits, etc.
    This trend has continued, and most of the fruit milk teas launched by brands this year apply the whole fruit on the snow top, which visually satisfies the realism and freshness of fruit milk tea.

    Can fruit milk tea become this year's hottest?

    Can fruit milk tea become this year's hottest?

    Judging from the market survey results, the developers talked about the fact that fruit milk tea will have a certain flow, but the current fruit milk tea category still has problems with taste and value, and it may not directly become the so-called "explosive product".

    Lin Yucheng, a senior researcher in the industry, said that before fruit milk tea, there was a problem of acidic fruit flocculation.
    Although the factory is developing raw materials to solve it, it will take some time from promotion to wide application.

    Secondly, the combination of fruit + milk on the raw materials may be more directly associated with pre-packaged fruit, milk and other products, and the sense of value does not seem to be as strong as fruit tea.

    From the point of view of taste, fruit + milk may be suitable for concentrated jam and puree, because the taste of fruit juice will be more severely covered by dairy products, or the overall taste will be watery, which indirectly affects the value of the product.
    Jam, fruit paste and sauce gas have a tendency to gradually resist consumers in first- and second-tier cities.

    To solve these problems, fruit milk tea can truly realize easy-to-operate, delicious, and profitable products in stores, which will naturally form traffic in the market.

    In the future, fruit milk tea will develop towards these points

    In the future, fruit milk tea will develop towards these points

    Speaking of the future development direction of fruit milk tea, Lin Yucheng personally thinks that there are more choices in dairy products, not just fresh milk and non-dairy creamer, nectar coconut milk or goat milk products and oat milk used by some brands.
    Milk base, to develop more different suitable products.

    The second is to develop the combination of the two largest tea products, namely the combination of milk tea and fruit tea.
    Milk tea and fruit tea are the two biggest themed products in tea shops.
    The combination of these two categories of products, that is, the topic of fruit milk tea, may become a big theme series, just like milk tea and fruit tea, not The general brands have new small series of yogurt, fermented rice and so on.

    The third is how to integrate "hot fruit tea".
    Hot fruit tea has always been difficult to make.
    Usually, the fruit is sour and bitter when heated, and the jam becomes soy when heated.
    Many fruits in the original juice cannot be heated.
    These problems have been plagued the developers, but there is demand in the market, and product updates must be broken.
    This bottleneck.




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