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    Furniture companies look at "Made in China": ten years of urgency is still confident

    • Last Update: 2021-02-27
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    : March 16, the five-day international famous furniture (Dongguan) exhibition opened in the back street Guangdong International Exhibition Center. Recently, many topics in the furniture circle have become hot: will 3D-printed furniture be popular? Is there any confidence in the "Made in China" behind the toilet lid? Is the decade of "Made in China 2025" enough... At the show, companies have their own opinions.
    3D printing furniture: "not very practical
    14, Gujia home at the Global Partner Conference showed 3D printing sofas and beds, the world's first home products 3D printing caused a heated debate in the industry, some people feel that the strong momentum of 3D printing furniture will become a trend, some people think that can be accepted also depends on the consumer market reaction.
    3D printing, Fubon Meipin Home Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen Zhenyu's first reaction "this is a concept." "3D printing can only be used in environmentally friendly materials, it is no longer wood, has lost the original performance of wood." In his view, 3D-printed furniture materials and earlier artificial panels, molded furniture is not much different, conceptual products may be able to make consumers accept its "novelty", "but we do more is a living products, is for consumers to live use." Yang ziyi
    director of Xiangjiang Home Brand, also believes that consumer reaction determines the market for 3D-printed furniture. After all, this thing has to face consumers, not only to see if it is a gimmick, but also to see whether the technology matures. "Yang Ziyi more think that such technology in product development will occupy more advantages, " will be used by enterprises to sample production - when I designed it without a wood to do, directly printed out to see the effect. "In the process of developing to finished products and commodities, 3D printing may be the first step in product design innovation for furniture companies," but maturity requires a process. "
    Xiangli Group President Gu Jianfang
    "an industry, no matter what direction to try to have healthy development." "Although the use of 3D printing technology in Chinese furniture development is not very optimistic, but Xiangli Technology President Gu Jianfang has been supportive of such innovation attempts. Gu Jianfang has always retained a deep cultural complex of Chinese furniture, "China's 5000 years of cultural accumulation, is a real thing." In his view, 3D-printed furniture and traditional furniture are completely different things, and no advanced technology can replace "the need to retain cultural Chinese furniture."
    Made in China: what is missing is standards and design
    In fact, in Gu Jianfang's view, the inability to "refined" is the most important reason why he has always found 3D printing difficult to develop on Chinese furniture. Redwood furniture as the embodiment of traditional Chinese characteristics, "to do the direction of development, can no longer do 'manufacturing'." "After many years of furniture exhibition, Gu Jianfang think that everyone is doing furniture" are more respectful of quality. "Now it is required that the home industry in the cooperation of Chinese and foreign designers, to create a Chinese appearance patent trend to develop, " for the international mention of Chinese manufacturing is considered to be a bargain, in fact, others think that we do not have their own ideas and design capabilities, or even no copyright. "Made in China" will make "this phenomenon change in the furniture industry".
    this time in the furniture exhibition mainly young style rice brand also "Made in China" focus on design. As one of the key figures to create rice lemon, Gujia home vice president Liu Hong believes that the creation of "toilet lid" is based on the consumer demand for exploration, "to solve everyone's living needs, let everyone think that the toilet is no longer a simple clean ass, it needs more convenient and intimate service." Liu Hong
    vice president of home management at
    , said the
    toilet lid incident had forced China's manufacturing industry to rethink all aspects - design is not just an optimization of appearance and function, but also the creation of a new consumer demand. "Chinese manufacturing is not lowly refined, but there is a desperate lack of creative design around consumers." Looking at the return of American manufacturing and the improvement of the economic situation, Liu Hong's understanding of Chinese manufacturing is no longer confined to process production," Premier Li Keqiang said of 'manufacturing', which includes design and development, originality and intellectual property rights. "
    2025: Ten years is not long
    " For China's furniture manufacturing industry, skills are not backward but lack of standards and innovation, ten years will be urgent. "For the first decade of "Made in China 2025", Liu Hong first felt "urgent", ten years to achieve international standards and research and development in Liu Hong's view, the entire industry has a lot to do, such as strict standard enforcement. "Many factories in China do not follow the height of quality requirements to implement, quality standards and the pursuit of the mechanism of life has been a big gap."
    in fact, many domestic enterprises have actually reached the international production standard level. Xiangjiang home brand director Yang Ziyi gave us an example: with the 90 standard to ask children may only get 70 points, but take a 100 percent standard to ask children to reach 90. Yang Ziyi's statement is not unreasonable, China's furniture manufacturing industry's biggest problem is actually the inherent disadvantages of many family-owned enterprises, "may not be strict requirements, weak enforcement, this is the biggest problem." "If consumers are to look at "Made in China" in a way that treats imports, "we can only be more demanding of ourselves." Chen Zhenyu believes that to improve the trust of Chinese goods, can only raise the level of manufacturing to the consumer satisfaction line, Chinese enterprises to do is to step up the management of production lines, "the rest can only be handed over to time to prove." Yang ziyi
    brand director of Xiangjiang Home Group
    "Excellent enterprises can meet EU standards, because individual differences within 10 years may be 30% or 50% can 'power enterprises'." "Gu Jianfang's data estimates that although relatively conservative, but in recent years, the good trend of redwood furniture development has been he has been very confident that the country's policies to support the development of manufacturing." Government policies have a huge impetus to the transformation of the industry as a whole. Using administrative means to control the healthy development of the industry, 'Made in China' will bring great changes and changes to China within 10 years. ”
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