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    Gable Titanium Industry: Foreign Market Development Capacity Boosts Revenue Up 28.28% YoY

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
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    Gimpo Titanium Co., Ltd(stock abbreviation: Jinpu titanium industry, stock code: 000545) released the 2019 annual report, 2019 is the Safety and environmental protection of the Jinpu titanium industry, production and operation of the dual pressure of the year, the company faced the test, overcome the short board, play the advantages, resolve multiple risks, actively respond to pressure and challenges, to ensure the normal operation of enterprisesIn 2019, affected by the "3.21" accident, The Gimpu titanium industry, on the one hand, by the continuous increase of safety and environmental pressure, high raw material prices, production costs, on the other hand, by the macroeconomic downturn and weak demand in the downstream industry, the decline in product sales prices, to the production and operation of the huge pressureIt was disclosed that in 2019, Jinpu Titanium Industry completed a total of 145.2 million tons of titanium dioxide production, completed titanium dioxide sales of 146,000 tons, a total operating income of 1.885 billion yuan, an increase of 1.63% over the same period last year; Products: widely used in the domestic market, foreign market growth is understood that the upstream production of titanium dioxide mining enterprises and sulfuric acid production enterprises, downstream mainly for coatings, plastics, paper, ink, chemical fiber and other enterprises, including coatings, plastics and paper three downstream industries accounted for about 60%, 20% and 10%, its market demand changes and the real estate market climate is highly correlatedAt present, China has become the world's largest producer and consumption of titanium dioxide, in 2019 the country's total output of titanium dioxide 3.18 million tons, an increase of 7.69 percent year-on-yearDomestic titanium dioxide enterprises are mainly concentrated in Sichuan, Shandong, Anhui, Henan and Hubei and other areas of the origin of red stone ore resources or near the sales terminal of the provinceIn terms of market concentration, titanium dioxide industry product homogeneity is strong, the competition is more intenseJinpu titanium industry is one of the larger sulfuric acid titanium dioxide production enterprises, the main products include redstone-type titanium dioxide and sharp titanium-type titanium white powder, of which, Nanjing titanium white mainly produces gold redstone-type titanium dioxide, Xuzhou titanium white balance with the production of titanium dioxide and titanium-type titanium white powderThe company through the integration of sales, procurement channels, relying on Nanjing and Xuzhou two major titanium dioxide production base, reasonable allocation of resources, to maximize the scale of production capacity advantagesAt present, Nanjing titanium white and Xuzhou titanium white have been recognized as "high-tech enterprises", of which, Nanjing titanium has provincial enterprise technology center and Jiangsu Province functional titanium dioxide engineering technology research centerAmong them, the company's redstone-type products NR950 in the domestic key tube profile enterprises are widely used, NR9503 products in the domestic key water-based paint customers are widely used, NR930 products also successfully entered the master of color, NR960 and NR956 new products in the high-end paint and paper industry, the use of good results, access to the marketIn 2019, Jinpu Titanium industry in the titanium dioxide industry to achieve revenue of 1.815 billion yuan, accounting for 96.30% of the company's total revenueAmong them, the redstone titanium dioxide products to achieve operating income of 1.453 billion yuan, accounting for 77.07 percent of the company's total revenue, sharp titanium titanium dioxide products to achieve operating income of 362 million yuan, accounting for 19.21 percent of the company's total revenueIt is worth mentioning that in 2019, Jinpu Titanium's revenue in the domestic market was RMB1,607 million, down 1.90% YoY, but achieved significant growth in foreign markets, with revenue reaching RMB278 million during the reporting period, up 28.28% YoYAs can be seen, the company's ability to develop in foreign markets has been greatly improvedResearch and development: a number of products identified as high-tech know that Jinpu titanium industry currently has a complete management and research and development team, bringing together a professional management, technical team, with strong research and development capabilities and technical forceAs a "high-tech enterprise", the company has established jiangsu Province identified enterprise technology center, Jiangsu Province functional titanium dioxide engineering technology research center, Nanjing functional titanium dioxide engineering laboratory, selected in Nanjing postdoctoral innovation practice base At the same time, the company makes full use of its own technical strength and perfect production facilities, the development and production of a variety of market-popular titanium dioxide products, covering the redstone type, sharp titanium titanium dioxide two series of more than ten varieties, among which, high-performance redstone-type titanium dioxide products, high-performance titanium-type titanium dioxide products, water-based system with redstone-type titanium dioxide and colormother system with redstone-type titanium dioxide and other products identified as "high-tech products." In 2019, the number of research and development personnel in Jinpu titanium industry was 136, accounting for 13.74 percent, while the amount of research and development investment reached 63.406 million yuan During the reporting period, Gimpu Titanium also passed the intellectual property management system certification In 2019, the new application for "a kind of zirconic film redstone-type titanium white powder preparation method" and other 3 invention patents and 1 utility model patent, and received acceptance Environmental protection: increase related investment, the establishment of management system Jinpu titanium industry in the annual report highlighted that the company attaches great importance to environmental protection work, the establishment of hSE Committee is responsible for the overall formulation of environmental protection development strategy Leadership responsible for the decision-making and coordination of major environmental protection issues, the company's environmental management department is responsible for the company's environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction work, each workshop has a full-time HSE staff and the director of The HSE, forming a top-down effective environmental management system Among them, Jinpu titanium industry subsidiary Nanjing titanium white through the "waste acid concentration technology reform" and "yellow gypsum emission reduction" project, to achieve the comprehensive use of waste acid, yellow gypsum reduction effect is obvious And Xuzhou titanium white through the upgrading of environmental protection facilities, environmental protection work to meet the standards, successfully obtained a safe production license and sulfuric acid products industrial production license At the same time, the company also installed automatic on-line monitors on wastewater and exhaust gas outlets, and used multi-stage measures to reduce wastewater emissions The measure has had a significant success Through internal technological innovation, process optimization and improvement, effectively reduce the unit of product consumption and waste water emissions, improve the company's economic and environmental benefits At present, Gimpe titanium industry to establish and continuously improve the environmental management system, has been ISO14001 environmental management system international standardcertification The environmental management system covers the whole process of environmental management activities for the production and service of titanium dioxide products Each year, the internal audit eraser of the organization conducts internal audit and implementation of the management review of the system, and regularly accepts the external audit of the external certification audit body to ensure the continuous adaptability, adequacy and effectiveness of the environmental management system, and achieve continuous improvement of overall environmental performance.
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