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    "Gan Traceability" enters the State Council client to conveniently query and trace cold chain food

    • Last Update: 2022-01-09
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, after reviewing the new media platform of the General Office of the State Council, Jiangxi Province’s food safety traceability platform "Gan Traceability" has successfully entered the “Cold Chain Food Traceability Service Zone” at the State Council’s client terminal to provide inquiries and traceability for cold chain food producers and consumers in Jiangxi Province.
    Cold chain food provides a convenient way


    The successful entry of "Gan Tracing" into the client of the State Council indicates that the construction and operation of "Gian Tracing" is generally good.
    With the help of the wide audience and information authority of the State Council's client, it will play a good role in the promotion and application of "Gan Tracing".


    "Gan Traceability" is a cold chain food safety smart supervision platform with comprehensive coverage, full chain integration, and full traceability created by the market supervision department of Jiangxi Province with imported cold chain food as the key variety and using information technology to innovate the supervision model.
    It was officially launched on 31st

    Cold chain food producers, operators, government regulatory agencies, and consumers can access and use related functions through the corresponding ports of "Gan Traceability", which will help promote the common investigation and prevention of people under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and help scientific and precise prevention.
    To better protect the health of the people and the safety of consumption

    (Hu Yong)

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