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    Gansu Province Traditional Chinese medicine Pieces quality centralized regulation work promotion meeting held

    • Last Update: 2019-07-22
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    On July 16, the provincial meeting for promoting the centralized quality control of Chinese herbal pieces and the training meeting for supervision of Chinese herbal pieces were held in Dingxi City At the meeting, it introduced the work of Dingxi City to strengthen the supervision of traditional Chinese medicine pieces and promote the high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine industry It said that it would further focus on the green development strategy of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, deeply tap the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine resources in Dingxi, build the brand of Longyao, and help to fight poverty The meeting fully affirmed the achievements of the centralized treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in the whole province, and comprehensively analyzed the existing problems in the treatment work: first, the drug regulatory departments at all levels still have insufficient connection and cooperation in the treatment process; The second is that some production enterprises do not produce according to GMP standard, there are confusion of material management, lack of quality management system, nonstandard management and inspection of quality control laboratory, and ineffective implementation of rectification; some business enterprises and medical institutions violate GSP and relevant laws and regulations, the audit of suppliers is nonstandard, and some pieces used in sales are adulterated to make fake, dye and gain weight, mildew Deterioration and other problems Third, there are still some difficulties and problems in the work of drug inspection and testing, such as the infrastructure of inspection and testing, the ability and quality of professional and technical personnel do not adapt to the task of inspection and testing, and the level of laboratory management does not adapt to the requirements of standardization, procedure and scientific management In view of the above problems, this paper puts forward practical solutions: first, we should fully understand the development situation of TCM industry in our province Accurately grasp the positioning and requirements of drug supervision in Gansu development strategy, closely integrate the protection of drug safety with the promotion of industrial development, integrate supervision into service, incorporate responsibility into production and operation, and maintain public health and the brand image of Longyao with practical actions Regulatory departments at all levels should take the initiative to adapt to the changes in the situation, always keep a clear mind, enhance the awareness of hardship, turn responsibility into responsibility, change pressure into motivation, adhere to problem orientation, and strengthen risk management Drug producers and operators should strengthen the sense of responsibility of the main body, adhere to the principle of good faith, abide by professional ethics, correct the direction of development, and bear social responsibility Secondly, the quality and safety of Chinese herbal pieces should be strictly controlled in the whole process Regulatory authorities at all levels should fully understand their responsibilities, establish the idea of "one game of chess" and "one family", further enhance the awareness of cooperation and cooperation, take the initiative, incorporate drug regulatory work into the overall work plan, plan and arrange as a whole, and promote the implementation together; promote the implementation of Party and government responsibilities for drug safety and local regulatory responsibilities, and strengthen regulatory efforts, Strictly investigate and deal with illegal behaviors; production enterprises and operation enterprises shall firmly establish risk awareness, establish and improve the internal quality management system of enterprises, and organize production and operation in strict accordance with quality management norms We should actively use advanced technology, advanced production management mode and modern quality management concept to improve the quality management level of enterprises in an all-round way; we should focus on the hot spots of public concern, increase the publicity of laws and regulations on the supervision of drugs, especially Chinese herbal pieces, publicize excellent enterprises and brand products that attach importance to quality and operate in accordance with the law, increase the exposure of illegal acts, and enhance The quality awareness and social responsibility of the enterprise strive to create a good atmosphere of social co governance Third, all factors should activate the development vitality of TCM industry in our province Adhere to a series of policies and measures of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government on supporting the development of Longyao industry, strengthen cooperation with large-scale enterprises and scientific research institutions in the extraction, detection, grading and pricing of effective ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, work together to solve the core problems such as germplasm resources, quality standards and mechanism of action that restrict the development of Longyao industry, and jointly promote the clinical application and development of traditional Chinese Medicine Basic research and cutting-edge exploration in health products and other fields; promote the development of the whole industrial chain of traditional Chinese medicine planting, processing, research, testing, grading, pricing and sales, comprehensively activate the essential resources of Gansu traditional Chinese medicine industry, strive to build an important production and supply base for high-quality raw materials of traditional Chinese medicine, and vigorously promote the green rise of Gansu medicine industry Through this meeting, Chinese medicine manufacturers can clearly feel that Gansu drug regulatory department attaches great importance to the problems of Chinese medicine manufacturers, especially the production of Chinese medicine in the production process is not standardized and the management is unreasonable, which also reflects from the side, there is a long way to go to solve this problem, which requires close cooperation, cooperation, coordination and linkage from all aspects Face production enterprises need to understand the severity of the problem, formal production quality and policy changes On the other hand, the government also needs to establish an efficient and scientific regulatory mechanism and improve relevant laws and regulations on the basis of the third party Both bear the responsibility of the rise of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises, rather than the pursuit of profits The meeting also set an example for Chinese traditional medicine manufacturers and the government, hoping to contribute to the development of traditional Chinese medicine This article is reprinted by The copyright belongs to the original author The purpose of reprint is to transmit more information, which does not represent the view of this platform If the content of the work, copyright and other issues are involved, please contact our website message, we will delete the content in the first time.
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