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    Garlic and mung bean rise again, the bulk agricultural products will not be affected

    • Last Update: 2010-06-01
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    Recently, from garlic to mung beans, corn and other individual agricultural products, prices have skyrocketed

    Is it related to the decline of production or the reason for speculation and hoarding of hot money

    Sui Pengfei, inspector of the market and Economic Information Department of the Ministry of agriculture, and Ma Shuping, deputy director of the planting department, answered the questions of the reporters at the press conference of the Ministry of agriculture on May 28

    Reasons for the price increase of mung bean and garlic: the market supply is reduced and the demand is increased, which will not be transmitted to the analysis of Ma Shuping, a large agricultural product

    This year, the price of both mung bean and garlic has risen sharply

    First, production of mungbean is reduced

    Mungbean belongs to small grains, covering an area of more than 10 million mu all year round

    First, the area of mung bean decreased last year, and the national output decreased by more than 130000 tons

    The second is the increase of exports and the decrease of domestic market supply

    Last year, more than 270000 tons of green beans were exported, an increase of more than 130000 tons year on year

    At the same time, imports are less than 70000 tons, one in and one out, 200000 tons less

    In addition, production is reduced by 100000 tons, and the supply of the whole market is reduced by 300000 tons

    Third, there is an increase in demand

    Now people pay more and more attention to health, and the demand for mung bean is increasing

    When supply is reduced and consumer demand is increased, market prices will rise

    Garlic is also a matter of supply and demand

    In 2007, garlic dropped to 20 cents per kilogram

    The prices of garlic in Hebei, Henan and Shandong were very low

    In 2008, the output was 18 million tons

    Because the price of garlic was very low that year, in 2009, farmers stopped planting garlic, and the area decreased

    The national garlic output was only 12 million tons, that is to say, the supply decreased by 6 million tons

    The decrease in supply is also a major reason for the rise in garlic prices

    Sui Pengfei said that no matter how much garlic, mung beans or red beans rise, they will not be transmitted to large agricultural products, because they have essential differences

    Garlic, mung bean, adzuki bean and other individual agricultural products are easy to become market speculation targets due to their relatively concentrated production areas, storage tolerance and small market capacity, but most agricultural products are not easy to be hyped

    According to one scholar, "although garlic and mung bean are small agricultural products, the annual demand is rigid

    Once they are maliciously hyped by hot money, the price will skyrocket, which will form a strong demonstration effect and drive the price of agricultural products to rise rapidly

    However, the price increase of agricultural products has a strong amplification effect, which will lead to the overall price out of control

    In this regard, Sui Pengfei believes that rational analysis is necessary

    This kind of saying is like saying that a person can drive, is addicted to, on the road, will drive the express without any scruples, no matter whether there is a policeman or not, at last everyone will run with him, causing traffic paralysis

    In fact, for the agricultural product market, we have a complete market regulation system and regulatory capacity, so this worry is superfluous

    As for hot money speculation, it is not the main reason for the price rise

    Reasons for the high price of vegetables: the weather led to the decrease of supply, the increase of water, electricity, oil and gas, the increase of labor price, and the increase of production and transportation costs

    Sui Pengfei pointed out that last winter and this spring, the price of some vegetables directly pushed the price of meat

    The first reason was the decrease of supply caused by the disastrous weather

    The second is the rising cost, mainly due to the rising price of water, electricity, oil and gas, coupled with the rising price of rural labor, which has increased the production, transportation and operation costs of vegetables

    Third, the production of individual varieties fluctuated

    In 2009, due to the low price, the production of garlic, ginger and other products in China fell sharply, and the price rose sharply, raising the overall level of vegetable prices

    From the end of April, vegetable prices in wholesale markets began to fall

    As of May 23, the average price of 28 kinds of vegetables under key monitoring has dropped for three consecutive weeks, and that of May 17-23 dropped to 2.96 yuan per kilogram

    According to the law of fluctuation over the years, the price of vegetables is at a higher price at the beginning of each year

    With the rise of temperature and the centralized listing of vegetables in summer and autumn, the price drops significantly, and this kind of market continues until winter

    This year, the area of vegetables in China has increased steadily, and the market supply is guaranteed

    With the later open-air vegetables coming into the market, the price will be further reduced

    The price of vegetables will pick up after winter, but if there is no major natural disaster, there will be no soaring market in last winter.
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