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    General Administration of Quality Inspection and other 9 departments to study building materials rectification: the elimination of backwardness to protect people's livelihood

    • Last Update: 2021-03-02
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    News: General Administration of Quality Inspection, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Industry and Commerce, Forestry Bureau, Energy Bureau held an inter-ministerial coordination meeting to study the new economic normal to promote the national building materials market special rectification work, to promote building materials rectification work in-depth, solid and effective.
    , step up efforts to eliminate backwardness. On the basis of the phased results achieved in 2014, we will continue to promote the resolution of serious overcapacity contradictions in the steel, cement, flat glass and other industries, increase enforcement penalties and eliminate backward production capacity. Implementation of differential and punitive tariff policies; To implement measures such as production restrictions and shutdowns for enterprises that discharge pollutants that exceed the standard of building materials; Urge enterprises to eliminate backward equipment, technology and technology, improve product quality and safety management level. Jointly increase the "strip steel" crackdown.
    relevant departments will jointly issue a document deployment, conduct a nationwide survey and mapping, and crack down on illegal production of "strip steel" and the use of "strip steel" rolling construction steel illegal and criminal acts. The illegal enterprises and nests shall implement the measures of stopping and limiting electricity in accordance with the Measures for the Implementation of Power Cuts for "Ground Steel" Production Enterprises and "Nests". The General Administration of Quality Inspection will include the fight against strip steel in the "Operation Sword of Quality Inspection" for deployment.
    , strengthen the enforcement and supervision of people's livelihood products. The production, circulation, use of the three links to link up, strengthen the decoration materials,
    , wire and cable, faucets and other products related to people's livelihood law enforcement inspection. Severely investigate and punish illegal and criminal acts of undocumented production, undocumented operation, non-compliance with national mandatory standards, production and sale or the use of counterfeit and inferior decoration materials in projects. Organization of the quality of construction projects to carry out inspection, inspection of building materials into the acceptance and re-inspection system implementation.
    third, promote regional governance and social co-governance. Will organize the production of building materials concentrated areas to comb, according to the local departments, trade associations and media exposure and the situation of mass complaints and reports, to determine a number of key areas of national rectification, in accordance with the requirements of multi-pluralism, urge local governments to carry out rectification, improve the overall responsibility of local governments, enterprises bear the main responsibility, the regulatory authorities each bear their own responsibility system. Will strengthen contact with industry associations, open and covert visits to a number of building materials illegal production enterprises and nests, organizations focused on the investigation and punishment, enhance the effectiveness of the crackdown. Will urge building materials trading market operators to implement market management responsibilities, promote relevant industry associations, chambers of commerce and trade and circulation enterprises around product quality to carry out "good faith management" demonstration and creation activities. Strengthen the effective interface between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, and always maintain a high-pressure situation for the production and sale of counterfeit and inferior building materials illegal and criminal activities.
    9 departments will focus on the outstanding problems in the building materials market, organize joint inspections, and innovate inspection methods to improve the effectiveness of inspection work, and promote the cracking of the industry's "subliminal rules."
    firmly crack down on "slim rebar", poor quality wall materials, wire and cable to be sub-charged, artificial board toxic and harmful substances exceeded the standard and other illegal and criminal acts. Places that have been "regionally corrected" will be selected, such as sanitary ware in Changge, Henan Province, paint in Bono, Hebei Province, waterproof coils in the Prince River in Liaoning Province, inament in Anhui Province, wire and cable in Ningjin, Hebei Province, etc. for "look back" inspection.
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