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    General medical supplies with volume procurement quality assessment needs to pay attention to

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    Pharmaceutical Network June 10th, multi-province and city volume procurement fully launched, including high-value supplies, but also ordinary suppliesHow to achieve more value outside of "price reduction" is worth thinking aboutBelt procurement, ordinary supplies cause concern
    when the epidemic has been effectively controlled, life gradually returned to normal, before the impact of the epidemic and temporarily shelved work will return to the formal, or even accelerate the promotionNot long ago, the State Council issued the Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Medical Security System (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), which pointed out that the purchase ofdrugand medical supplies should be concentrated in the purchase of quantities, adhere to the combination of recruitment and price-to-price linkageAt present, many provinces and cities across the country have begun to carry out active preparations, according to the information announced at this stage, the scope of the proposed implementation of the volume procurement includes both high-value consumables, but also such as retention needles such as ordinary suppliesThe full implementation of belt procurement, can benefit the country, the people benefit, it is imperative, but in the implementation process, in addition to squeezing the "price moisture" this core goal, perhaps we can consider a little more, so that the volume of procurement to play a greater value than expected, this is: we can through volume, price leverage, the medical foundation to further consolidate, in easing the pressure on health care at the same time to promote the improvement of the level of health care?In 2020, "basic disk" has become a popular word, it means that the most basic construction of things, play the role of the bottom support, very robustAll walks of life have their basic diskIn this outbreak, for example, tens of thousands of general care is a strong foundation for the fight against the outbreakFor example, before the outbreak, masks were common to neglected medical supplies, and they didn't care that there were so many categoriesBut this is such a humble product that it has played a huge role in the fight against the epidemicThus, only by laying a solid foundation, in order to further pursue a shining breakthroughIn the clinical treatment process, the general people may only have some understanding of certain high-precision medical equipment, the retention needle so frequently visible products but do not care, I do not know is the retention needle such ordinary supplies, is precisely the basis of the supplies system You know, intravenous infusion therapy is one of the most basic and common treatments for inpatients In the case of retention needles, more than 99% of hospitals in China use peripheral retention needles for intravenous infusion treatment1   Data show that in 2016, China's intravenous retention needle market demand for 352 million 2 In the United States, more than 300 million intravenous retention needles are sold each year, and 60%-90% of patients use intravenous pens during hospitalization3, taking into account China's population base, clinical needs, changes in medical structure and other factors, the market demand for retention needles is expected to increase further   Ordinary consumables, these clinical appeal is very important
    obviously, from the popularity and use of the use of the retention needle is undoubtedly all medical devices the most common category, some people may ask, since so common, that retention needle is not any technical content? That's not the case In general, the retention needle can be divided into open and closed type, which is subdivided into ordinary type and anti-needle stabbing type, and then according to different types of infusion joints are divided into needle connection and needleless connection, and whether the needle is replaceable As clinical needs continue to refine, there is also a requirement to have deHP-free non-PVC retention needles, as well as to meet the radiation imaging of high-pressure type and so on   During the outbreak of new coronal pneumonia, the Chinese Nursing Society "New Coronary Virus Infection of Pneumonia Care Points" pointed out 4: intravenous use of retention needles or safe retention needles to avoid needle stab wounds; In order to prevent blood contamination and needle stab wounds, it is recommended to choose a safe closed retention needle as far as possible   At the same time, the recommendation also pointed out that most infusions should consider the use of 20-24G peripheral retention needles, newborns, children and the elderly should consider the use of 22-24G peripheral retention needles, heavy and critical coronavirus infection of pneumonia or the need for rapid infusion, should consider the use of larger size 16-20G peripheral intravenous needles or according to the condition needs to place the central venous catheter   Obviously, for different patient needs and different medical scenarios, the application of different retention needle types, this is from the clinical reality of the appeal It is recommended that the area of belt procurement should fully consider the complexity of the scheme, if it is simply divided into several categories, such as ordinary type, safety type, it is likely to cause the product segment category to be squeezed, clinical application is limited   Data show that in the course of intravenous treatment, there will often be catheter de-sourgetting, venous inflammation, blocking, oozing/oozing, infection and other complications, high technical content of products, to a certain extent to reduce the possibility of complications   Quality, quantity and price
    what are high-tech products? Brand market share is a visual reflection, high market share of the brand, have undergone strict clinical practice verification and a large amount of clinical use feedback, with a strict quality control system, can ensure the stability of product quality   In the consumables belt procurement, if the original regional market share of the top brands out of a large number of, and the market share of the lower brand rely on the price reduction bid, such a result remains to be seen   From an economic point of view, such a result must have achieved the goal of reducing the price of consumables, but from the point of view of the perception of medical use, the winning brand in clinical use, use effect feedback and other dimensions compared to the traditional advantage brand, or there are some differences, need longer and larger sample size to be verified, once the verification results did not reach our expectations of the good direction, then the patient health and health care workers safety, is also affected invisibly?   Balance: Medical costs and quality of care some voices believe that the purpose of tape procurement is to reduce prices, can participate in the volume of procurement brands are qualified But there is a difference between qualification and quality The quality difference, technical content and advantage characteristics between brands must be objective, and the production license is measured only by the admission standard, not the highest standard   Just like the exam, some test 60 points, some test 100 points, from the rules that we all pass, but for safety, effectiveness of the higher requirements of medical equipment, higher scores do not mean more satisfied with the doctor-patient feeling, a stronger sense of security   Belt volume procurement, can squeeze the price of moisture at the same time, taking into account the coverage of high-quality products What to do, nothing but in addition to the price reduction, consider a little more product quality and the objective relationship between the price reduction range, is this point, for the solid medical "base" of the role is huge   Both patients and health care patients want to be able to enjoy the same quality of care while reducing the pressure on medical costs Based on this, it is necessary to develop more comprehensive and comprehensive programmes in the process of belt procurement to make the medical foundation more solid   Source: 1, Sun Hong, Wang Tired, Guan Xin, etc some of the country's third-class a hospitals analysis of the current situation of intravenous care Chinese Journal of Nursing, 2014, 49 (10): 1232-1237.
    2, New Think World "2016-2021 China intravenous needle industry market supply and demand outlook forecast depth study" 3, RICKARD C M, WEBSTER J, WALLIS M C, et al, Versus clinically saued ei ed iad ed oeded by
    the. 4, 2020 "The Keys to Pneumonia Care for New Coronary Virus Infections" 5, 2020 "Patients with pneumonia with new coronavirus infection - Medical staff intravenous fluid treatment recommendations (first edition)"
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