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    Genes and Devel: Revealing the molecular mechanisms by which cells remember their identities to avoid cancer-inducing errors

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 9, 2020 /PR
    Newswire/ -- Cancer is often the result of DNA mutations or cell division problems in cells that cause cells to forget their identity or function properly, according to a study published in the international journalGenes and Development, where scientists from institutions such as the Salck Institute have studied how new cells remember their identity after cell divisionPicture Source: Salk Institute
    'We've delved into this particular cell memory mechanism that promotes the right gene-on expression at the right time so that new cells can become the same type of cell as parent cells, and the results of this study can help researchers understand the dynamic cell life stages that are critical to cell identity,' said researcher DrHetzerCell classification is the most critical period of tissue development and the body's self-balancing state, in the process of fission division, cells must correctly copy all their DNA and divide it into two, in order to reduce interference, gene activity in the process of fission division will be shut down, that is, before cell division stops the production of proteins, when the cell divides into two sub-cells, gene expression will be re-opened, and proteins will be re-produced, the process of starting a specific protein can be guided by the future'We wanted to understand the molecular mechanisms of cell identity and transcription memory, and how parent cells pass that identity to sub-cells through the cell classification process,' saidresearcher Hyeseon KangIn the study, researchers used a chemical inhibitor to synchronize the retinal cell's nuclear bone cancer cells at the same stage of their life cycle, allowing scientists to analyze the short window time when the gene is active after filament, and the new technology used by the researchers to create for the first time a complete image of the whole genome of the cell after the filament is reactivatedresearchers have found that when cells divide, many genes are immediately activated, like dominoes, that cascade key signals to activate other genes, a process that promotes cells to wake up from amnesia and identify their cellsFinally, researcher Jesse Dixon said the study focused on the basic question of how cells remember who they are and what they should doNow that we have established the time and place where cell memory characteristics occur, the next step will be for researchers to gain a deeper understanding of cell identity by manipulating these characteristics( origins:Hyeseon Kang, Maxim NShokhirev, Zhichao Xu, et al.
    Dynamic seinops of histone srand long-range chromosomal interactions for postmitotic rillonal reactivation,Genes and Development(2020)DOI: 10.1101/gad.335794.119
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