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    Genetically modified agricultural products must be marked from March 20

    • Last Update: 2002-03-12
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    Introduction: on 20th of this month, the measures for the management of agricultural genetically modified organisms (GMOs) identification issued by the Ministry of agriculture of the people's Republic of China will be officially implemented At that time, genetically modified soybeans, canola, corn and other foods will be pasted with special labels to facilitate consumers to choose to buy Genetically modified food is a kind of food that scientists change the genes of animals and plants in the laboratory, and then produce food with new characteristics For example, the gene of microorganism is inserted into the soybean gene to improve the yield or enhance the insect resistance At present, only a few countries in the world begin to commercialize the production of genetically modified food In 1996, the United States first approved the "extended ripening tomato" on the market, and later approved more than 10 varieties such as "insect resistant corn" and "insect resistant cotton" Canada, Australia and Japan have also approved the listing of some genetically modified products At present, only transgenic insect resistant cotton in China has obtained the commercial production license of national gene safety evaluation Although there is no large-scale production of genetically modified crops in China, many of the agricultural products imported from China are genetically modified products For example, in recent years, China has imported a large number of soybeans from the United States, Argentina and other countries, most of which are genetically modified soybeans It is reported that more than half of soybean salad oil on the market contains genetically modified ingredients Yesterday, the reporter went to some large supermarkets in Hangzhou, but found no soybean salad oil, imported tomato sauce and other commodities marked with genetically modified food Later, the reporter called "golden dragon fish", "Fulinmen" and other well-known soybean salad oil manufacturers, and received a reply that the company had known about this matter, but would not disclose the specific progress The person in charge of quality control in Jiayou supermarket said that the supermarket had not contacted the manufacturer about this matter According to the relevant persons from the Department of agriculture of Zhejiang Province, according to the administrative measures, if it is a direct processed product of genetically modified agricultural products, it must be marked with "genetically modified ×× processed product (finished product)" or "the processed raw material is genetically modified ×"; if it is a product processed with agricultural genetically modified organisms or products containing ingredients of agricultural genetically modified organisms, However, for the products that no longer contain or can't detect the genetically modified ingredients in the final sales products, it must be marked as "the product is made of genetically modified ×, but the product no longer contains the genetically modified ingredients" or "the processing raw materials of the product contain the genetically modified ×, but the product no longer contains the genetically modified ingredients".
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