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    Genetically modified edible oil in Beijing market posted its logo today

    • Last Update: 2008-11-03
    • Source: Internet
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    Introduction: this morning, the reporter learned from Beijing Agricultural Bureau and Beijing agricultural genetically modified organisms safety management office that Beijing Essen Green Oil Co., Ltd

    has been approved to use the agricultural genetically modified organisms logo, and some shopping malls and supermarkets in Beijing have put up the "green treasure" soybean oil with the genetically modified logo

    This is the first company in Beijing to apply for and be approved to use agricultural genetically modified organisms

    On July 4, kby, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture issued a "yellow card" to 22 edible oil (soybean oil) brand manufacturers such as "golden dragon fish", "green treasure" and "Fulinmen" sold in Beijing market, because 100% of these genetically modified edible oil (soybean oil) have no genetically modified product logo

    Kby's "identity" problem of genetically modified food has been puzzling manufacturers and consumers

    The first is the manufacturers, who say that in the process of processing (repacking) these bean products, they have no idea whether the raw materials provided by the suppliers are genetically modified food

    Marketers say more than 90% of cooking oil on the market contains genetically modified ingredients

    A survey shows that, in the case of uncertain safety of genetically modified food, the majority of consumers have a natural resistance to genetically modified food

    With the right of choice, consumers prefer non GM food

    The elderly and women showed a stronger preference for non genetically modified food, and consumers called out: "we need to have the right to choose and know!" Kby has learned that Beijing agricultural genetically modified organisms safety management office has released the first batch of agricultural genetically modified organisms catalogue to implement labeling management, including 17 kinds of crops and vegetable foods in five categories, including soybean oil, soybean, soybean meal, rapeseed, fresh tomato and tomato sauce

    Kby agricultural experts told reporters: "genetically modified food is not really terrible

    We have long enjoyed cooking with genetically modified soybean oil, which is one of the few genetically modified food in China

    General genetically modified food should be labeled on its outer packaging, but now there are many genetically modified food on the market in our country that have not been labeled

    For example, most of the soybean oil and tomato we eat now contain genetically modified ingredients, but as long as it is approved by the state, it is safe, and genetically modified food can be safely eaten

    " KbY
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