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    Genotype and environment mutually significantly affect the growth of horsetail pine

    • Last Update: 2021-02-23
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, Forest Ecology and Management published the latest paper of the forest genetic breeding and cultivation innovation team of the Subtropical Forestry Research Institute of the China Forestry Research Institute online. The results show that the effects of genotype and environmental interoperability affect the growth of the matail pine family.
    genotype and environmental interoperability (G×E) refers to the relative expression of genotype in different environments lack of stability, the performance of genotype rank scale effect or scale effect in different environments. Zhang Zhen, author of the paper, said that the genetic type of forest wood and the environment are common, it is often difficult to find a good genotype with wide adaptability and stability. It is of great significance to strengthen the regionalization test and accurate genetic parameter evaluation of forest trees, to accurately select and promote the good species of forest trees, and to improve the productivity level of forest trees in China.
    is the main afforestation and fat-picking tree species in the subtropical region of China. However, the current breeding work is less concerned with genotype and environmental interoperability mode, how to systematically evaluate its productivity and genetic gain level.
    In view, the team studied the effects of genotype and environmental interoperability on growth characteristics using the 8-year-old raw horsetail pine second-generation controlled pollinator linee determination forest set up at three test points in Princes Hill, Hubei Province, Fujian Fuwu and Jiangxi Gorge River.
    results, the differences between chest diameter, tree height and material accumulation were significant. At the same time, 12 excellent family and 49 excellent single strains were screened out. The analysis shows that there are significant differences between genotype and environment. This shows that the genotype and environmental interoperability effect affects the growth of the matail pine family, and the mutual effect reduces the overall genetic strength level of the growth pattern, and further reveals that precipitation may be the main driving environmental factor of the genotype and environmental interoperability effect.
    research results can provide a theoretical basis for the selection of stable high-yield genetic materials across locations, and the screening of horsetail pine rapid birth and stable genotype also provides a theoretical basis for the formulation of the third generation breeding scheme of horsetail pine in central and eastern China. (Source: Li Chen, China Science Journal)
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