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    Global esophageal cancer patients in china accounted for half, this treatment is expected to break the multi-year difficulties!

    • Last Update: 2020-12-31
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    On December 19th, the launch ceremony of the series of popular science activities on tumor rehabilitation sunshine and chest tumor prevention and rehabilitation was held in Fuzhou.
    the event, which was watched live online by more than 410,000 people.
    the meeting, 39 Health had the honor to conduct an exclusive interview with Professor Chen Junqiang, founder of the large-scale public welfare series of "Sunshine Line on Cancer Rehabilitation" and head of the Special Needs Ward in the 18th District of Fujian Cancer Hospital.
    Chen Junqiang introduced chest tumor prevention and rehabilitation series of popular science activities 39 health: Professor Chen Junqiang Hello! This is the 4th stop of the Cancer Rehabilitation Sunshine Tour, we note that this activity also launched a special chest tumor prevention and rehabilitation series of popular science activities, what are the reasons behind this initiative? Professor Chen Junqiang: Chest tumor is the most common malignant tumor in China.
    According to the latest report of the National Cancer Center, China has become the fastest growing country in the world in terms of lung cancer morbidity and mortality, with lung cancer being the largest cancer in men and the second largest cancer among women, and breast cancer being the first in women, and in addition, China has the highest incidence rate of esophageal cancer in the world, accounting for more than 50% of the world.
    chest tumor seriously affects the physical and mental health of the Chinese people and brings heavy financial burden to society and families.
    , the current popular science on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of chest tumors is mostly fragmented reports, there are few series, scientific, standardized reports, seriously affecting the quality of life of chest tumor patients.
    , we have joined forces with experts, the media and medical institutions to help change the status quo.
    39 Health: What will be done after the launch of the chest tumor prevention and rehabilitation series? Professor Chen Junqiang: The contents include: (1) the prevention of the cause of chest tumors, regular key examinations of high-risk groups, etc., in order to achieve early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment, improve the survival rate of patients and reduce the cost of treatment.
    (2) series reports on the latest advances in chest tumor surgery and radiotherapy technology, precision targeting drugs and immunotherapy, and individual precision treatment and full rehabilitation management of patients to reduce adverse reactions and sequelae.
    To this end, we will invite the national chest oncologists to participate in lectures, consultations, writing popular science articles, with the help of the media, short video, live broadcast and other channels, to further disseminate the scientific concept of cancer, popularize the knowledge of cancer rehabilitation, and enhance the public's scientific awareness of cancer prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.
    is the so-called "save a life, is to save a family", we not only let patients live a long time, but also to live well, live a quality of life, so that patients return to their families, return to society at an early date! Professor Chen Junqiang in a live interview 39 health: esophageal cancer in China is so high, you as an expert in the field of esophageal cancer, what are your prevention recommendations? Professor Chen Junqiang: The occurrence of esophageal cancer is closely related to eating habits.
    the most common causes of high incidence of esophageal cancer in China are hot food, hot tea, irritating rough food, etc., which causes chronic physical and chemical stimulation, resulting in chronic inflammation and trauma.
    in fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified hot foods above 65 degrees Celsius as Class 2A carcinogens.
    we must pay attention to the prevention and treatment of esophageal cancer, reduce these may lead to esophageal cancer bad habits.
    clinically, patients with esophageal cancer are mostly in the middle and late stages.
    Therefore, I recommend that middle-aged and elderly people between the ages of 50 and 65, or those who prefer hot tea, eating irritating rough food, eating too hot, too fast food, and people with pre-esophageal lesions and precanceal diseases, preferably every 1 to 3 years to do a gastroscopy, early detection, early treatment.
    39 health: What is the cause, leading to esophageal cancer patients are mostly in the middle and late stages of medical treatment, diagnosed with the disease should be how to do? Professor Chen Junqiang: Because there are no obvious symptoms in the early stages of esophageal cancer, when patients come to the hospital with difficulty swallowing, wasting, drinking water and coughing, most of them are already in the middle and late stages of esophageal cancer, for patients with advanced esophageal cancer, the ten-year survival rate is less than 10%.
    However, fortunately, in recent years, the level of diagnosis and treatment of esophageal cancer has reached a new level, traditional therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy continued to optimize the improvement, especially radiotherapy, has now achieved from two-dimensional conventional radiotherapy to four-dimensional precision radiotherapy progress.
    precision radiotherapy, which means that strong radiotherapy can now provide high doses of radiation to the tumor target area, while reducing exposure to normal tissue, improving patient benefits from treatment while reducing the complications of radiotherapy.
    Chen Junqiang shares esophageal cancer prevention and rehabilitation 39 health: What are the more cutting-edge treatments? Professor Chen Junqiang: Esophageal cancer is a type of tumor with high mutation rate and strong immunogenicity.
    later came to the fore, breaking years of treatment for esophageal cancer.
    past two or three years, several clinical studies have shown that immunotherapy can bring survival benefits to patients with advanced esophageal cancer and bring survival hope to patients with esophageal cancer in China.
    It is worth noting that due to differences in people and living habits, China's esophageal cancer is different from European gastronomic tube cancer, 90% are esophageal squamous cancer, immunotherapy shows a clear preference, Chinese groups than the European and American population, more able to benefit from immunotherapy.
    Paboli pearl monoantitor and Karelli pearl monoantitor have been approved in The domestic advanced second-line esophageal cancer adaptation certificate, a number of clinical studies of immunotherapy of esophageal cancer are under way, including advanced esophageal cancer first-line immunotherapy KEYNOTE590 research, ESCORT-1st research, for Reilly pearl single anti-combination chemotherapy treatment of esophageal cancer, SUCHE 311 and many other phase III clinical studies.
    I look forward to more clinical research results in the future that will bring survival benefits to patients with esophageal cancer in China.
    39 Health: Since the current level of treatment technology is increasing, after treatment patients also need rehabilitation, in terms of esophageal cancer, what are the rehabilitation methods? Professor Chen Junqiang: Esophageal cancer rehabilitation medicine is based on esophageal cancer patients as the main body, to restore function, improve the quality of life, so that patients with disabilities to maximize the recovery to society.
    At present, on the basis of the theory of Chinese and Western medicine treatment, we have established a theoretical system for the rehabilitation of esophageal cancer in line with Chinese characteristics, combined with the application of traditional Chinese medicine, to guide the rehabilitation of cancer patients in various periods, involving psychological rehabilitation, nursing rehabilitation, nutritional rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation.
    In short, as long as we do a good job of early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment, and actively respond to adverse reactions and psychological problems in treatment, do a good job in tumor rehabilitation, we will certainly help cancer patients to improve confidence in the fight against disease, and ultimately overcome the disease! Let the patient recover at an early time, return to the family, return to normal life, promote social harmony.
    : Chen Junqiang, chief physician, professor and master's tutor in the special needs ward of the 18th district of Fujian Cancer Hospital.
    Visiting Scholar of MD Anderson Cancer Center, Vice Chairman of the Rehabilitation Branch of the Chinese Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Chairman of the National Committee of Experts on Esophageal Cancer Rehabilitation, Chairman of the Professional Committee of Oncology Rehabilitation of Fujian Anti-Cancer Association, Member of the Expert Committee of Esophageal Cancer of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology, Member of the Esophageal Cancer Group of the Cancer Radiotherapy Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, Member of the Special Committee on Cancer Radiation Injury of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, And vice chairman of the Medical and Health Work Committee of fujian Province of the Agricultural Labour Party.
    won the National Health And Wellness Commission People's Health Channel "2019 Health Defenders - Outstanding Achievement Award", Fujian Province Science and Technology Progress Award first prize and second prize, Fujian Medical Science and Technology Award first prize, Fujian Zijin Science and Technology Innovation Award, the Chinese Medical Association Radiotherapy Branch of the first prize of outstanding papers, Fujian Province, the first prize of natural outstanding papers.
    published more than 90 academic papers, such as SCI, and edited the people's health publishing house "Clinical Cancer Rehabilitation" and "Clinical Rehabilitation of Esophageal Cancer" academic monograph.
    specializes in precision radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and rehabilitation for esophageal cancer, lung cancer, vertical tumors, skin cancer, bone and soft tissue tumors, etc.
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