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    Go abroad to buy toilet lid hot discussion paint enterprise upgrade is imminent

    • Last Update: 2021-02-27
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    News: As we all know, before and after the Spring Festival, "go abroad to buy toilet lid" news has not only become the focus of public opinion, domestic consumers far away in Japan to buy domestic toilet lid, rather than near the domestic toilet lid. Similar events also occurred in the
    industry, many domestic consumers are willing to pay high prices to sell foreign
    paint brands
    , rather than buy more cost-effective domestic paint brands, but also confirmed that consumers are not assured of the quality of domestic paints and domestic brands do not trust, so the paint industry products and brand upgrade is imminent.
    The first two years, the two meetings hot discussion is to go abroad to buy milk powder, this year coincides with the two meetings, another hot topic is the common people go abroad to buy rice, buy toilet cover, buy milk powder can also understand, children's health is important, but how to buy toilet cover? Is it ability to reflect the common people on our own products, their own brand is too lack of confidence? Perhaps it is so understandable, because the domestic market has been "homogenization", "shanzhai" flooded, take the paint industry, "twins", "multiple births" is not a strange thing, in the major home stores, the appearance of very similar paint products, consumers everywhere. The author believes that in the efforts to put an end to "plagiarism", strong "original" at the same time, each
    a coating enterprises
    also need to vigorously promote the famous brand, the formation of brand awareness, and actively "going out".
    coatings companies want to win the market, they have to start with quality. Paint enterprises will only let themselves in a passive situation, it is better to actively research and development and production of high-quality products, with high-quality products to get the real favor of consumers, a variety of paint products factory direct sales, group purchase and other price promotions feng shui, so that consumers dazzled. Frequent promotional war, will only let the paint enterprises lose the new consumer, after all, paint products want to have a market, or quality into the game, rather than rely on single-stop promotion. The quality of products is obvious to all, can not do false, high-quality products can immediately win the trust of consumers, access to the market, but also for paint enterprises to leave a good reputation, promote the sound development of the paint industry.
    , the world's science and technology is on the eve of the third industrial revolution, cloud computing, big data, the Internet, intelligence and a series of other technologies have made disruptive breakthroughs, is changing the global industrial landscape and resource allocation. Paint enterprises must make good use of the opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation to realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, from "Made in China" to "Created in China, Chinese Brand", to open up a new sunny day!
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