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    Good field test results of oil penetration and water blocking coated sand technology in Henan Oilfield

    • Last Update: 2021-09-30
    • Source: Internet
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      Sinopec News Network reported that as of September 26, through nearly one month of effect tracking analysis, Henan Oilfield has successfully conducted field tests of oil penetration and water blocking coated sand technology in Well Pai 206-31 of Chunguang Oilfield
    The well currently produces 1.
    9 cubic meters of oil per day, which is relatively stable before and after the measures, with water cut from 85% to 81%, and the effect of stabilizing oil and controlling water is remarkable


      Faced with the production problems of thin oil wells in Chunguang Oilfield of Henan Oilfield with generally rising water cut and increased sand production, the technicians of Henan Oilfield Engineering Institute A sand-retaining barrier is formed in the sand control process to prevent sand from forming in the formation and have a certain effect of stabilizing oil and water

      In order to realize the modification of the coated sand and make it have the special function of oil penetration and water blocking, the research team has designed the coating formula for many times.
    Comparative test

    After more than half a year of unremitting efforts, the Henan Oilfield scientific research team repeatedly tested different coated sand formulations in the laboratory and finally achieved the finalization of the formulation


      The technology began to conduct field tests in the Henan Oilfield Pai 206-31 well at the end of August this year.
    Through the effect tracking and analysis in the past month, the daily fluid production, daily oil production, and water cut data are basically stable after the measure, and the water cut is initially seen to be lower than before the measure.
    4% oil stabilization and water control effect

    (Qiao Qingfang and Li Mengnan)

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