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    Good news for diabetics!

    • Last Update: 2021-11-15
    • Source: Internet
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    Recently, Novo Nordisk’s self-developed innovative drug in the field of diabetes-insulin deglulam and liraglutide injection (Novozymes) was officially approved by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA), which means that the drug is The world's first basal insulin glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1RA) injection was approved in China, and a new era of China's type 2 diabetes (T2DM) treatment has officially opened! Public information shows that deglu insulin and liraglutide injection were approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in September 2014 (Xultophy), and were launched in Switzerland in January 2015, becoming the world's first marketed basal insulin GLP-1RA injection Liquid

    In November 2016, it was approved by the U.
    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (Xultophy 100/3.

    In August 2020, Novo Nordisk submitted a new drug listing application for deglu insulin and liraglutide injection in China.
    At present, no similar products have been approved for listing in China

    According to data, the number of diabetes patients in China is as high as 129.
    8 million, ranking first in the world, and only 49.
    4% of the patients undergoing treatment reach the standard, which is not ideal

    Poor blood glucose control for a long time is prone to various complications, which not only affects the quality of life of patients, but also increases the economic burden of the family and society

    Insulin therapy is one of the important methods of blood sugar control.
    At present, there are still unmet needs such as late initiation of insulin therapy, fear of injections, hypoglycemia, weight gain, complex treatment plans, and poor compliance

    Innovative insulin drugs have always been expected and concerned, and the combination therapy of basal insulin and GLP-1RA provides a new direction

    Insulin deglulam and liraglutide injection have been written into the "Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in China (2020 Edition)".
    Its approval in China has opened up a whole new situation for the management of T2DM patients and is expected to help the majority of patients further Increase the rate of compliance and reduce the physical and mental burden

    At present, two similar products have been approved for type 2 diabetes worldwide.
    In addition to Novo Nordisk's products, there is also Sanofi's Soliqua 100/33

    The latter is a fixed-ratio combination of risnatide/insulin glargine, which was approved by the FDA on the same day as Xultophy, and its global sales in 2020 will be approximately US$184 million

    According to the Insight database, Sanofi's products have just been declared for listing on September 30

    In addition, China Hengrui Pharmaceuticals, a domestic company, also has similar products under development

    Its self-developed long-acting insulin/GLP-1 analog fixed ratio compound preparation HR17031 injection has been approved for clinical trials in China and the United States in July this year

    End reference materials: [1]https:// for the first time in the past! Pig kidneys have been successfully used for human transplantation.
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