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    Graphene can be made from sucrose

    • Last Update: 2011-02-17
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    According to the report of the website of the organization of American physicists on February 14, scientists in the United States have made pure graphene from common sugar With this graphene, they can develop lighter, faster, cheaper, more compact and flexible computer electronic equipment, which can be widely used in military aircraft and medical fields A team led by James tour, a professor of chemistry at Rice University, first placed a small amount of sucrose on a thin layer of copper foil, and then exposed the sucrose to flowing hydrogen and argon under heating and low pressure After 10 minutes, the sucrose was reduced to pure graphene, and the thickness of graphene film could be controlled by adjusting the gas flow The team's one-step low-temperature treatment method is not only relatively simple but also controllable It does not need to use more difficult chemical vapor deposition method and other methods requiring high temperature to make graphene easier In the traditional CVD method, scientists need to continuously use gas (methane or ethane) to adjust the growth environment and dopant of graphene to optimize the quality of graphene, but the new method uses different carbon materials, so it can better control the dopant in graphene and the thickness of graphene Charles Lee, program director of the air force scientific research service (AFOSR), said tour is exploring new chemical methods to produce high-quality carbon based nanostructures, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene with specific properties Graphene mixed with other substances is very useful for air force and other commercial electronic products Pure graphene lacks energy band gap, which makes it difficult to be used as a digital device However, graphene doped with other substances can control the performance of electronic and optical equipment, which is very important for the manufacturing of switching equipment and logic equipment New graphene materials also have great potential in other commercial and medical fields Scientists can use it to develop transparent touch-screen devices, special biocompatible films used in traumatic brain injury surgery, faster transistors in personal computers or thin materials in solar energy capture devices.
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