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    Guangdong pharmaceutical companies urgently resumed production of ibuprofen tablets with a daily production capacity of 3 million tablets

    • Last Update: 2023-02-03
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    On the 29th, in the production workshop of Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory of Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, the roar of
    machines echoed in my ears.
    The automatic production line runs quickly, and the workers are busy and skilled in feeding, granulating, tableting, packaging, quality inspection, storage.
    At present, the goal of the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is to maintain health and prevent serious diseases, and the top priority is to ensure that people can seek medical treatment
    As a reserve and storage of pharmaceuticals, equipment and epidemic prevention materials in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, GPH Group has accelerated the production of medical drugs in recent days to ensure that market demand
    is met.
    According to Wang Jiansong, director of Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory, ibuprofen tablets belong to the classic antipyretic and analgesic non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory in 1996 has obtained the national drug administration issued ibuprofen drug production approval, now urgently carry out the resumption of ibuprofen tablets work, overcome labor, logistics and other difficulties, urgently purchase and allocate raw materials, auxiliary materials, and upgrade the production line
    At present, the production line is full power production in three shifts, and the daily production capacity of ibuprofen tablets can reach 3 million pieces
    "Generally speaking, pharmaceutical companies can complete the production of
    ibuprofen tablets in 3 to 5 days at the earliest.
    The produced ibuprofen tablets need to be inspected in accordance with the requirements of quality standards, and can only be released after passing the inspection
    The inspection process generally takes 5-7 days
    Wang Jiansong said that at present, the main plant has purchased a total of 16 tons of ibuprofen APIs through various channels, which can theoretically produce 160 million ibuprofen tablets (specification: 0.

    It is reported that ibuprofen tablets produced by Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory will be supplied
    to community hospitals fever clinics, health centers and health stations in agriculture-related areas, nursing homes and hospice institutions under civil affairs, as well as key groups and pharmacies such as the elderly and children.
    Carbocarcistein oral solution, mulberry cold granules, cough terin capsules.
    These drugs selected in the "Guangdong Province New Coronavirus Infection Key Drug Supervision Catalog", Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical General Factory is in full power production, at present, the daily output of these three varieties has reached the level of one million
    "We are producing 24 hours a day to ensure the production and supply
    of medicines.
    At present, the daily production capacity of coughterin capsules can reach 3.
    6 million capsules
    Wang Jiansong introduced
    At present, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Baiyunshan Banlangen granules, Qingkailing series, antiviral oral liquid, cold spirit granules, vitamin C Yinqiao series and other products are produced 24 hours a day; Guangdong's new crown pneumonia prevention formula "Yue Kang No.
    2" anti-sensory decoction produced more than 4.
    2 million doses; The preparation of medical institutions for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia (mild disease) - dialysis anti-pestilence granules ("pneumonia No.
    1") has been put into use in medical institutions such as the Eighth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University and Baiyunshan Hospital; Nearly 250 guaranteed retail pharmacies in the city have been operating for business, and some pharmacies offer 24-hour drug sales services
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