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    Guangxi Fufeng Group Co., Ltd. Qinzhou office opened ceremoniously (8.1)

    • Last Update: 2003-03-12
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    OA show ('918 '); on the morning of July 12, Qinzhou, a beautiful coastal city, ushered in a new day In the sound of firecrackers, applause and congratulations, Ms Han Xiuqing, vice president of Guangxi Fufeng group, and Ling Haike, director of Qinzhou Office of Guangxi Fufeng group, stepped forward to uncover the red silk The blue background and yellow characters of "Guangxi Fufeng group office in Qinzhou" were displayed in front of people The Guangxi Fufeng group office in Qinzhou, located in Wenfeng South Road, Qinzhou City, was officially opened! Han Xiuqing, vice president of the group, made a speech for the opening ceremony to introduce the development strategy of Fufeng group He said that the development and expansion of Fufeng cannot be separated from the cooperation and support of dealers and farmers For this, Fufeng will repay the society, dealers and farmers with high-quality products, leading technologies, perfect services and more benefits Fufeng will, as always, adhere to the business tenet of "relying on the group's own strong economic and technological strength to help farmers get rich through scientific breeding", adhere to the business philosophy of "enriching people's life", continue to serve farmers and enrich people's vegetable basket project In the celebration, the guests gathered and were very busy, and the merchants who came to celebrate were even more lingering The opening of Fufeng group's Qinzhou Office marks a new course of cooperation between Fufeng and its dealers in the new millennium In this festive day, we gathered together to talk about our friendship Peng HaoChen, brand manager of the marketing department, Xiao Chaohui, deputy manager of the planning department, Chen Jinbin, regional manager of the marketing department, and other dealers and breeders had close communication and extensive communication At the request of dealers and farmers, Dr Huang Kai, director of aquaculture technology of Fufeng Group Technology Department, gave a lecture on aquaculture technology knowledge More than 140 dealers and breeders from different regions attended the lectures and technical exchanges The opening of Guangxi Fufeng Group Co., Ltd.'s Qinzhou office is the first battle of Fufeng group's strategy transfer, focusing on entering and consolidating Qinzhou market, and then radiating the southwest coastal market strategy With the rapid development and expansion of Fufeng, Fufeng will continue to write new articles for enriching Guangxi vegetable basket project and enriching farmers with science and technology with its superior quality, leading technology and first-class service Chapter Source: China feed industry information network g7h (author:)
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