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    Guangzhou Market Supervision Administration No. 30 Food Safety Supervision and Sampling Information in 2022

    • Last Update: 2022-11-14
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    Recently, the Guangzhou Market Supervision Administration has carried out supervision and sampling inspection of 9 categories of food (processed grain products, edible oil, grease and their products, condiments, beverages, fruit products, soy products, health foods, catering food, edible agricultural products) produced and operated in the city, with a total of 1851 batches
    Among them, 1814 batches of qualified samples of physical quality were sampled, and 37 batches of
    unqualified samples of physical quality were sampled.
    According to the national food safety standards, if an individual item is unqualified, its products are judged as unqualified products
    The details are as follows:
    First, the overall situation
    117 batches of processed grain products, 1 batch
    of unqualified.
    125 batches of edible oil, grease and their products, 2 batches
    of unqualified.
    52 batches of condiments, 1 batch
    of unqualified.
    207 batches of beverages, 4 batches
    of unqualified.
    138 batches of fruit products, 3 batches
    208 batches of soy products, 3 batches
    143 batches of health food, no unqualified samples
    were detected.
    75 batches of catering food, 4 batches
    of unqualified.
    786 batches of edible agricultural products, 19 batches
    of unqualified.
    Disposal of unqualified products
    The Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Market Regulation has requested the market supervision departments of the relevant districts to investigate and deal with the unqualified food and its producers and operators in a timely manner, and ordered the enterprise to find out the flow of products, recall the unqualified products, and analyze the reasons for rectification; Operators are required to immediately take measures such as removing unqualified food from the shelves, control risks, and investigate and deal with
    them in accordance with law.
    Third, food safety consumption tips
    Consumers should purchase the required food through formal and reliable channels and keep the corresponding shopping vouchers, and should clearly see whether the relevant marks on the outer packaging, such as the production date, shelf life, the name and address of the producer, the ingredient or ingredient list, the food production license number, etc.
    , are complete and comply with the provisions of
    laws and regulations.
    Do not buy products without factory name, factory address, production date and shelf life, do not buy products that have exceeded the expiration date or deteriorated, and do not buy unqualified products
    as advertised.
    Welcome consumers to actively participate in food safety supervision, pay attention to the release of food safety sampling information, if you find unqualified food involved in this announcement in the market, please call the local complaint and report telephone 12315 or 12345
    in time.
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    Food sampling inspection qualified information .

    Food sampling inspection unqualified information .
    Explanation of some inspection items .

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