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    Guangzhou Petrochemical successfully produced ultra-high melting index polypropylene K7100

    • Last Update: 2022-09-22
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     On February 17, Guangzhou Petrochemical's No.
    3 polypropylene plant successfully completed the trial production of 500 tons of ultra-high melting index polypropylene product K7100

    After testing, all indicators meet the design requirements


    This is another "three-high" product successfully developed by No.
    3 polypropylene plant after the production of the new product K860 with a melting index of up to 60 g/10 minutes

    The melting index of this product is as high as 100 g/10 minutes, and it has super high fluidity, excellent balance of rigidity and toughness, and high whiteness

    It can be widely used in the production of automobile, motorcycle parts, interior parts, washing machine double barrels, etc.
    , as well as the shell of other home appliances


    Guangzhou Petrochemical's new product development team learned about the customer's needs during market research, repeatedly communicated and understood their requirements for product performance and indicators, set up a research team to discuss and formulate production plans, optimize production models, and decided to use No.
    3 polypropylene plant development and production


    The melt index of this production product reached the target value of 100 g/10 minutes
    Due to the high melt index of the product, there are problems in the production process, such as the difficulty of pelletizing by the pelletizing extruder, the difficulty of controlling the pressure of the reactor, and the easy entrainment of fine powder

    In order to ensure a successful trial production, the regional director Li Yuankai led the technical backbone team to carry out technical research on the key points and difficulties in production, formulate the K7100 process production plan and brand switching process instruction list in advance, and fully evaluate the possible risk points and make them in advance.
    good countermeasures


    On February 16th, the plant was officially switched to new products.
    The department leaders and the plant technical management team adhered to the site throughout the entire process, commanded in the front, and carefully adjusted various parameters of the pelletizing extruder

    The main operator operates finely and adjusts parameters in time; the external operator strengthens on-site monitoring, increases the sampling frequency, and pays close attention to the appearance of new product pellets; the technical quality department promptly tracks the quality of new products to ensure the smooth completion of new product trial production


    The successful trial production of this product has further optimized the polypropylene product structure, improved market competitiveness, and enhanced the ability of the device to continue to tackle challenges and create benefits

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