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    Guide family dinners with no more than ten people

    • Last Update: 2022-01-25
    • Source: Internet
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    Original title: Guide family dinners with no more than ten people

    As the Chinese New Year is approaching, epidemic prevention and control work cannot be slackened
    At present, the overseas new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread, and clustered epidemics and sporadic cases in some parts of China continue to appear

    On the morning of February 1, the official website of the Guangzhou Municipal Government announced the "Notice of the General Office of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, the General Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government on Doing a Good Job in Local Chinese New Year Service Guarantee"


    The notice stated that all districts and units in Guangzhou should do a good job in organizing and guiding and explaining policies, advocating for the masses to celebrate the New Year on the spot, not to travel unless it is necessary, and those who really need to travel should not go to overseas and domestic medium and high risk areas in principle, and be a good "epidemic prevention and control first".
    a responsible person"


    Text/Shen Huitu, Omnimedia Reporter of Guangzhou Daily/Su Junjie, Omnimedia Reporter of Guangzhou Daily

    The number of tourists received by the scenic spot does not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity

    The notice emphasized that party members, government agencies, institutions, and state-owned enterprise cadres and workers should take the lead in celebrating the New Year on the spot, and guide migrant workers, teachers and students who stayed in school to celebrate the New Year on the spot
    In terms of implementing the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, packages received from overseas and domestic medium and high-risk areas should be sterilized on the outer packaging, wash hands in time after cleaning or contact with frozen food, and should be fully cooked when cooking


    As the Spring Festival is approaching, the notice reminds that festival celebrations should be carried out strictly and concisely.
    If it is really necessary, various prevention and control measures should be strictly implemented, and emergency response preparations should be made

    Suspend gatherings in places of worship and folk beliefs

    Meetings, trainings, and activities should be conducted online as much as possible.
    In principle, group worship and large-scale condolences, gatherings, dinners, training and other activities will not be organized

    Guide the masses to handle weddings, funerals, weddings and weddings in a simple manner, and family private gatherings and dinners are generally controlled to less than 10 people

    Strictly control the reception scale of scenic spots, continue to implement limited, reservation, and staggered admission, and the number of tourists received by scenic spots does not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity

    The number of consumers in closed public places such as theaters and entertainment venues should not exceed 75% of the approved number, and prevention and control measures such as passenger flow control, wearing masks when entering the venue, temperature measurement, and code scanning should be implemented


    In order to ensure the "new year taste" of the people's lives in Guangzhou during the Chinese New Year, the notice said that the city's large-scale supermarkets, meat and vegetable markets, and community (rural) small supermarkets and fresh food stores will be encouraged to keep the market closed and non-stop, so as to ensure that the people's daily necessities are continuously supplied and kept on file.
    , not out of stock

    By building the "2021 Guangzhou Haoyi Online New Year's Festival" platform, the commercial department meets the needs of the masses for one-stop shopping for New Year's goods, eating New Year's dinner, and shopping in the flower street, and launched the "Young City Yeah City - Leyou Guangzhou for the New Year" year-end big promotion to guide catering.
    The company provides customized New Year's Eve takeaway services


    Conduct thorough investigations and visits to special groups to ensure that "no one household is missed and no one is left behind"

    In order to ensure the “warm” management services for the people in Guangzhou during the Chinese New Year, the notice states that special groups such as the elderly in need, orphans, left-behind women and children, homeless and beggars, the disabled, and the mentally ill, including elderly people who are not visited due to the local New Year’s Eve People, children, etc.
    , relying on the "Guangzhou Municipal People's Comprehensive Protection Platform", carry out thorough investigations and visits to ensure that "no one household is missed and no one is left behind"

    In terms of transportation, it is necessary to meet the local people's shopping, leisure, and entertainment travel needs during the festival to the greatest extent possible, and the smooth flow of emergency materials such as epidemic prevention and livelihood materials


    In addition, the notice stated that it is necessary to guide and support enterprises to stabilize positions, not to lay off or reduce layoffs; to guide enterprises to rationally arrange production, to formulate staggered holidays and stipend plans, and on the basis of implementing holiday work benefits, encourage enterprises to issue "post retention" Red envelopes” and “Chinese New Year gift packages” to stay on the job with salary; combined with the three projects of “Yangcheng Action” of “Cantonese Cuisine Chef”, “Guangdong Mechanic” and “Southern Guangdong Housekeeping”, migrant workers from other places are encouraged to take advantage of vacations to participate in online training to improve their skills

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