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    Guizhou bailing develops the ancestral secret recipe of diabetes or 100 million Buyouts

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
    • Source: Internet
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    Guizhou bailing, which has been acting as the leader of Miao medicine, announced today that the company signed the Miao medicine cooperative development agreement with Yang Guoshun and Yang Ailong on April 15

    After consultation, the two sides will cooperate to develop the ancestral Miao medicine secret recipe of Yang Guoshun and Yang Ailong for treating diabetes

    The reporter of "daily economic news" noted that the company said that it is possible to buy out the right of the secret recipe held by Yang Guoshun and Yang Ailong at any time, with a maximum amount of no more than 100 million yuan

    Guizhou bailing announced today that, in view of Yang Guoshun and Yang Ailong's ancestral secret recipe for diabetes vaccine (hereinafter referred to as the secret recipe), after years of treatment and practice by Yang Guoshun and Yang Ailong, the secret recipe can better control blood sugar, and some patients' blood sugar is still stable after drug withdrawal

    Guizhou bailing visited some patients, confirmed that the secret recipe has obvious therapeutic effect on diabetes

    The two sides reached an agreement that Yang Guoshun and Yang Ailong would voluntarily cooperate with Guizhou bailing on the secret recipe

    Guizhou bailing will cooperate with domestic well-known experts and institutes to carry out pre clinical pharmacodynamics, toxicology, pharmacy and other project research, and report to the national administrative department for approval of new drugs for registration according to the research results

    At the same time of preclinical research, Guizhou bailing can invest or cooperate with a third party to set up a specialized diabetes hospital or outpatient clinic nationwide, and produce and sell the secret formula medicine in the form of hospital preparations

    According to the agreement, Guizhou bailing paid 5 million yuan to Yang Guoshun and Yang Ailong five days after the agreement was signed, in addition to all the funds for the cooperative development

    After the secret recipe is approved and registered as a new drug by the relevant national departments and put on the market or set up a special hospital or special clinic for profit (deducting the investment cost), Guizhou bailing will get 90% of the profit, while Yang Guoshun and Yang Ailong will get another 10%

    If the secret recipe is not approved as a new drug by the relevant national departments, the lost R & D expenses shall be borne by Guizhou bailing

    In view of the field of this development, Orient Securities clearly pointed out in its research report

    With the improvement of the living standard of the people, the incidence rate of diabetes is increasing year by year

    With the coming of the aging population in China, the number of diabetic patients will continue to grow

    The overall market size of diabetes drugs in China in 2012 is about 27 billion yuan

    If the R & D is successful, it will bring new profit growth point for Guizhou bailing

    Guizhou bailing also said that in view of the complexity, risk and uncertainty of new drug development, the development of the secret recipe cooperative development project has a long period and a large investment, and the research at all stages is risky.
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