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    Guoneng Yuhua Salt Separation and Crystallization Plant Achieves Stable Operation

    • Last Update: 2022-05-18
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      As of April 27, the salt separation and crystallization unit of National Energy Group Yulin Chemical Co.
    , Ltd.
    has been running continuously and stably for 1 month, producing qualified sodium chloride, and realizing the low temperature critical freezing and vacuum heating salt separation technology It is the first application in the field of coal chemical wastewater treatment, which fills the domestic gap


      Compared with the traditional nanofiltration membrane salt separation process, the low temperature critical freezing and vacuum thermal salt separation technology has the characteristics of low investment, short process and low operating cost.
    However, this technology has many key indicators and key points for design and operation control, including water Processing, salt chemical and inorganic chemical, etc.
    , have very high requirements on design and operation


      Since the adoption of this technology in the salt-separating crystallization device, problems such as short evaporator operation cycle, unstable operation of the thenardite refrigeration system, and low processing capacity have been exposed, resulting in the loss of thenardite to the sodium chloride system and the inability to effectively separate organic matter in the sodium chloride crystallizer.
    Discharge, the water inlet index is unstable


      In order to solve the above problems, Yulin Chemical established a technical research team to gradually overcome the problems of short evaporator operation cycle and mirabilite refrigeration system, and proposed measures such as increasing the ratio of salt to nitrate and the concentration multiple of evaporator, and obtained a clear adjustment range

      At present, the operating parameters of the device gradually tend to be stable
    The purity of sodium chloride is more than 99.
    4%, and the output in the past month has reached more than 150 tons


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