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    Haihong old man to help "cultivated sea one" ride the wind and waves.

    • Last Update: 2020-07-30
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    As the country's first integrated offshore pasture platform, "Cultivating Sea One" has been successfully placed in Yantai City, Laishan Fisherman's Wharf 2 km outside the sea.

    to the night, the full opening of the lights of the "Cultivating Sea One" like the pearl of the sea in the Bohai Sea blooming brightly, will become a new city landscape, and beautiful coastline echo.

    "Cultivating Sea One" for the steel structure sitting bottom cage, composed of three breeding cages, forming a diameter of 80 meters of "sea flower" concept, each "petal" culture volume of about 10,000 cubic meters, a total culture volume of 30,000 cubic meters.

    three sub-net box in the middle intersection area with nearly 600 square meters of multi-functional hall, constitute a "flower heart", can achieve leisure sightseeing, science education, marine monitoring functions, and even can hold a sea exhibition, the top of the platform also set up a helipad, is a veritable maritime complex.

    Haihong old man for the "cultivated sea no. 1" recommended high-performance coating system, cured to form a hard and strong coating, with excellent wear resistance and sea water resistance.

    in the case of tight schedule, heavy task, Haihong elderly field technical service team in the outbreak of difficulties, actively cooperate with the coating team to provide guidance and support, through scientific work finally successfully completed the coating target, Haihong old man is also praised by the owners.

    " in the key period of construction, facing the construction time is tight task, not only to ensure the quality of construction, but also to complete the coating operation on schedule, in the process, Haihong elderly field technical service team actively cooperate with the coating team, for the "Cultivating Sea One" project coating work can be completed on schedule played a very key role.

    the project team's coating expertise solid, experienced in the production process, in the intense production process, the initiative to inspect, find problems, actively coordinate the treatment, and put forward rationalization proposals to ensure that the project coating work quality completed.

    I represent the "Cultivating Sea One" shipowner project team, on the "Cultivating Sea One" project work on the display of coating expertise and working ability, work attitude to express recognition, affirmation.

    for their hard work on the "Cultivating Sea One" project, thank you! Looking forward to working with them on future projects! - The representative of the ship owner of the project group of The First.
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