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    Hainan "Air Pollution Prevention and Control Implementation Plan": Vigorously promote the use of water-based coatings

    • Last Update: 2021-07-25
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    On April 19, the General Office of the Hainan Provincial People's Government issued the "Hainan Province 2016 Air Pollution Prevention and Control Implementation Plan".
    The "Plan" proposed that the environmental air quality improvement target: the proportion of good days in all cities and counties in the province in 2016 Maintained at the level of 2015, the concentration of inhalable particulate matter decreased by 3% compared with 2013; Haikou, Sanya, and Danzhou completed the national prefecture-level city air pollution prevention and control tasks, and the total emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the province were controlled at 32,200 tons respectively And within the total control target of 87,700 tons.

      The "Plan" proposes to vigorously promote the control of volatile organic compounds pollution.
    Formulate comprehensive rectification plans for volatile organic compounds in key industries such as organic chemicals, medicine, surface coating, plastic products, packaging and printing, and plywood manufacturing.
    In 2016, the completion rate of comprehensive treatment projects for volatile organic waste gas from enterprises in key industries will reach 50%.

      Carrying out the comprehensive rectification of VOCs in the petrochemical and chemical industry, petrochemical and chemical enterprises have comprehensively established a "leak detection and repair" management system, and formulated targeted improvement measures for the easy-to-leak links to reduce volatile organic compound emissions from the source.
    Vigorously promote the use of water-based coatings, and encourage the production, sales and use of low-toxic, low-volatility organic solvents.

      The "Plan" calls for greater environmental protection law enforcement.
    Strictly implement environmental protection laws and regulations and judicial interpretations of the "two highs" environmental protection, strengthen administrative compulsory measures such as daily penalties, seizures, and administrative detentions, and strengthen supervision of key pollutant discharge units.
    The illegal discharge of toxic and harmful pollutants, illegal disposal or disposal of hazardous waste, abnormal use of pollution prevention facilities, excessive discharge and improper rectification and other environmental violations shall be strictly investigated and punished in accordance with the law.
    For construction projects that have not been submitted for approval in accordance with the law for environmental impact assessment documents or violated the "three simultaneous" system, promptly clean up.
    Establish a blacklist system for companies with excessive emissions.
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