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    Haitian taste industry in 2019 net profit of 5.353 billion increased by 23% Overseas consumer demand continues to expand

    • Last Update: 2020-11-29
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    On March 25th, Haitian Taste Industry (603288) released its 2019 annual report, which showed that revenue for the reporting period was RMB19,797 million, up 16.22% YoY;
    As of December 31, 2019, haitian taste industry's net assets attributable to shareholders of listed companies amounted to 16.582 billion yuan, an increase of 19.51% over the end of the previous year, while net cash flows from operating activities amounted to 6.568 billion yuan, compared with 5.996 billion yuan a year earlier.
    It is understood that during the reporting period, with the efforts of all employees, the company continued to maintain a good development trend, operating income continued to grow, during the reporting period, the company's operating income of 19.797 billion yuan, up 16.22% YoY; 64%; Net assets attributable to shareholders of listed companies were RMB16,582 million, up 19.51% YoY; overall net profit margin was 27.06%, up 1.42 percentage points YoY;
    reporting period, the company actively accelerate the pace of new business development, innovation and retail e-commerce partnerships, and other ways to actively expand online business, the reporting period, the company's online market revenue increased by 42.51% compared to last year;
    data show that haitian flavor industry still adhere to the main industry, adhere to the production and sale of condiments, and in the condiment industry to implement relevant diversification, products cover soy sauce, soy sauce, sauce, vinegar, chicken essence, MSG, wine and other condiments.
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