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    Handheld Weather Five Parameter Detector-A Handheld Weather Station Convenient to Carry

    • Last Update: 2022-08-20
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    Handheld Meteorological Five Parameter Detector - A portable handheld weather station

    Shandong Jingdao photoelectric manufacturer

    Pay attention to observe whether the rotation of the wind cup and the wind vane is flexible and stable.
    If there is any abnormality, it should be dealt with in time

    Generally, the sensor bearing should be cleaned once a year

    After hail, lightning, strong wind, etc.
    , carefully check whether the sensor is damaged

    When there is freezing in winter, or there is rain, fog, or snowfall, pay attention to the fact that the wind sensor part is frozen or abnormally rotated.
    If it cannot be solved in time, a portable wind direction anemometer can be used

    Hand-held weather station, also known as hand-held weather instrument, is a portable weather observation instrument that is easy to carry, simple to operate, and integrates a number of weather elements

    The system adopts precise sensors and smart chips, which can accurately measure the five meteorological elements of wind direction, wind speed, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity at the same time

    The built-in large-capacity FLASH memory chip can store meteorological data for at least one year; the universal USB communication interface can be connected to the U disk to export data, which is convenient for users to further process and analyze the meteorological data

    This instrument can be widely used in meteorology, environmental protection, airports, agriculture and forestry, hydrology, military, storage, scientific research and other fields

    Features ● 2.
    1-inch LCD screen displays temperature, humidity, wind speed and air pressure value; ● Special wind direction dial (16 directions) and pointers are used to indicate real-time wind direction; ● Large-capacity data storage, can store up to 40,000 weather records Data (the data recording interval can be set between 1 and 60 minutes); ●Universal USB communication interface, convenient for usb data download; ●Only three AA batteries are needed for power supply; Low power consumption design, long-time standby; ●Scientific and reasonable structure design , easy to carry

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