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    Harm of acidity regulator to human body

    • Last Update: 2018-02-16
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    Introduction: many people are not familiar with the acidity regulator

    Let's introduce the function of acidity regulator? The harm of acidity regulator to human body? Acidity regulator or pH regulator is the general term of acid, alkali and salt substances used to maintain or adjust the acidity and alkalinity of food system or have buffering effect

    Among them, the most commonly used is the acid flavor agent used to adjust the taste

    In addition, some strongly acidic and alkaline substances, such as hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide, are only used for some processing or some process requirements

    What is the function of acidity regulator? Acidifier has the characteristics of improving food quality, such as changing and maintaining the acidity of food and improving its flavor; enhancing antioxidant effect, preventing food from rancidity; complexing with heavy metal ions, it has the functions of preventing oxidation or browning reaction, stabilizing color, reducing turbidity, enhancing gel properties, etc

    Acid has a certain anti microbial effect, the use of certain acidifier and other storage methods such as refrigeration, heating, etc

    can effectively extend the shelf life of food

    China has approved the use of 17 kinds of Acidity Regulators: citric acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, metatartaric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, adipic acid, fumaric acid, sodium hydroxide, potassium carbonate, sodium carbonate, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, trisodium hydrogen carbonate, monosodium citrate, etc

    There are many kinds of Acidity Regulators besides the ones that can be used

    However, there is still a certain gap compared with the same kind of foreign licensed varieties, mainly the lack of salts of various organic acids

    What is the harm of acidity regulator to human body? Through the investigation of tartaric acid, take tartaric acid as an example to introduce the harm of tartaric acid to human body

    Tartaric acid is similar to citric acid and can be used in the food industry, such as beverage manufacturing

    Tartaric acid and tannin can be used as mordant of acid dyes

    Tartaric acid can be complexed with many metal ions and can be used as cleaning agent and polishing agent for metal surface

    Tartaric acid can't be metabolized, it can only be excreted through the kidney, which is harmful to the kidney

    These two kinds of acids are more distributed in articular cartilage due to their long residence time in vivo, which may cause damage to articular cartilage

    Although tartaric acid may be harmful to human body, we can try not to eat too many drinks or alcohol, generally not too much, which can be avoided

    We should learn to dialectically understand the problem of acidity regulator, master food safety knowledge and use food safety detector, which is helpful for us to understand food safety problems

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