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    Hazardous chemicals have doubled and rectified, step by step pressing on chemical companies

    • Last Update: 2021-07-24
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    On September 20th, Shanghai Port City’s dangerous goods logistics yard was officially relocated.
    At the same time, Shanghai Port’s new dangerous goods warehouse will be put into use at Luchao Port.

    As of the end of October 2015, the figures given by the Jiangsu Chemical Industry Association are: Jiangsu Province has shut down more than 7,000 chemical companies, and thousands of companies have completed their relocations by leaving the city and entering the park.
    At present, the overall admission rate of chemical companies in the province has exceeded 60%, and that of Sunan has exceeded 80%.

    The provinces across the country are speeding up the reporting of the relocation plans of chemical companies, and the Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei has previously stated publicly that there are nearly 1,000 chemical companies in the country that need to be relocated and reformed, requiring about 400 billion yuan of funds.
    It can be said that the 8.
    12 accident brought the relocation of chemical enterprises across the country to a climax.

    The author of Huicong Coatings Network once wrote that production and logistics are accident-prone links, and hazardous chemical companies are integrated through relocation; the relocation is used to transform and upgrade hazardous chemical companies.
    At the same time, the author said that the relocation of hazardous chemical companies has become an inevitable choice, but relocation is by no means a simple displacement.
    The relative geographical location changes and economic benefits are easily affected.
    What should I do about the black warehouses that are prevalent under the gap of hazardous chemical storage? deal with? (Portal: How to implement the safety issues of hazardous chemicals companies going out of the city and entering the park?)

    "According to statistics, there are more than 3,300 industrial parks of various types in the country, including more than 380 chemical parks above the provincial level.
    So far, more than 45% of chemical companies and chemical companies above designated size are basically in the chemical parks.
    It is in coastal areas that have built a number of parks relying on large-scale refining and chemical projects.
    ” said Wang Haijun, deputy director of the National Work Safety Emergency Rescue Command Center, and Hong Yu, deputy director of the Coordination Department of the National Work Safety Emergency Rescue Command Center.

    Li Zuojun, deputy director of the Institute of Resources and Environmental Policy of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said that relocation is the best way to upgrade the chemical industry.
    Only by holding a strategy of going out can we win long-term development.

    On June 3, the State Administration of Work Safety issued the "Opinions on Containing Major Accidents of Hazardous Chemicals and Fireworks and Firecrackers".
    The opinions highlighted that a batch of outdated technologies should be eliminated, a batch of companies with poor safety assurance capabilities should be shut down to effectively prevent hazardous chemicals.
    We will resolutely curb serious and serious accidents with fireworks and firecrackers.

    The release of this work opinion shows that the State Administration of Work Safety is determined to curb serious and serious accidents of hazardous chemicals.
    It is believed that the consequences of directly shutting down the enterprise are difficult for the enterprise to bear.
    This is used as a warning to enhance the enterprise's awareness of safe production.
    Under the increasingly pressing policy guidance, it is imperative for chemical companies, including Tuqi, to go out of the city and enter the park.
    Under this premise, companies should focus on safe production, scientific management of hazardous chemicals storage and logistics, and consciously improve Safety index, strengthen self-inspection; government departments should also pass standards to delineate boundaries for enterprises related to hazardous chemicals, scientifically and strictly manage excess hazardous chemicals, minimize major accidents and avoid unexpected accidents.
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