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    Health benefits and harms of fluoride

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Both teeth and bones need fluoride, a mineral that stimulates bone formation and helps prevent tooth decay

    Fluoride has been shown to strengthen teeth

    Fluoride can be absorbed in the gut or contained in the blood

    It is worth noting that aluminum salt can inhibit the absorption of fluoride

    According to the report of the food hygiene and health organization, people need to take a certain amount of fluoride every day to ensure the health of bones and teeth

    The recommended amount is 4 mg for men and 3 mg for women

    But in the case of excessive fluoride intake, it can also lead to poisoning

    Excessive fluoride can cause the following problems: side effects of fluoride excessive fluoride can destroy enzymes needed to metabolize vitamins, antagonize brain tissue and cause brain damage

    It can also cause calcification of ligaments and tendons

    Kidney, liver, heart and central nervous system will also be affected to cause degeneration

    Some studies also pointed out that excessive consumption of fluoride can also cause Down's syndrome

    Symptoms of fluoride deficiency Delayed tooth development in children and tooth decay in adults are the main symptoms of fluoride deficiency

    In addition to the benefits to teeth, the researchers also found that fluoride can promote the hearing health of the elderly and prevent osteoporosis, but it should be noted that large doses of fluoride can lead to side effects such as vomiting, anemia and flatulence.
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