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    Health Buildings: Libon GREEN plus Medical Space Hard Core Revealed.

    • Last Update: 2020-08-13
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    For medical buildings that specialize in providing health services, how to improve the "health standards" of building space implementation is becoming a new topic, while ensuring the personal protection of health care workers and patients. As early as
    2018, Libang put forward the concept of "GREEN plus big health", combined with the two-way standards of "green building" and "healthy building" to provide a full-scene medical space solution.Libang
    GREEN plus large health care space solutions
    revealed one:
    "sustainable" materials
    the facade effect of medical buildings directly affect the overall external shape of the hospital, but also affect the patients and their families to the hospital's overall trust. Libang from the point of view of beautiful decoration, green energy saving, environmental protection harmless, safe and durable, the introduction of the building to bring the full life cycle of the "sustainable" material - energy-saving decoration board, to achieve fast construction, easy to renovate, energy consumption reduction, effect, high quality effect.building a health hospital for health care patients to build a safety linerevealed ii:
    pollution-resistant and scrubbing
    the common sources of pollution in the hospital need to regularly use medical alcohol,
    84 disinfection liquid and other disinfectants, the wall has a higher chemical resistance, but also can effectively resist the impact of ultraviolet sterilization on the wall. Clean, easy-to-clean
    interior wall coating
    should be selected to reduce hospital health and maintenance costs. After experimental testing, coated with ordinary
    test plate stains penetration obvious and residual surface, the application of ordinary anti-fouling paint wall has obvious stain residue, and coated with Libang antibacterial anti-fouling inner wall paint wall wall wall, the test stains form a beaded, easy to slip.medical special stain droptest test Libang antibacterial anti-stain ingenal wall surface stains difficult to stay
    revealed three:
    reduce the repeated harm of mold
    wall mold is a strong vitality of the bacteria, if not eliminate the root cause of mold, once encountered the humid environment, mold will re-breed and spread. If molded walls are not treated in a timely manner, mold will emit spores, endangering human health, especially for those suffering from skin diseases, asthma and physical allergies. Antibacterial coatings designed to protect hospital buildings, in the anti-mold function also need to meet the mold resistance
    0 requirements. Inorganic paint due to its own alkaline characteristics (PH 10), in this alkaline conditions mold, germs are difficult to survive, so it has a good antibacterial, anti-mold ability. (Antibacterial I-grade anti-mold level 0).the general internal wall coating
    VS Libang antibacterial coating anti-mold function test Hainan People's Hospital ward area using Libang anti-mold inner wall systemrevealed four: antibacterial less pollution
    according to the protective needs of the hospital space, the anti-bacterial performance of the space wall and anti-bacterial durability are required to
    99% to meet the antibacterial I standard. Antibacterial species should be in the antibacterial coating standard HG/T 3950-2007 mentioned E. coli, golden staphylococcus bacteria in addition to "with the times" to broaden the scope. After testing, Libang antibacterial coating can effectively kill and inhibit copper-green pseudomonas, pneumonia Krebs, Baumann immobility, odorous pseudomonas, gas-producing e. coli, white candida and other bacteria, as well as MRSA and other highly resistant superbugs.Libang antibacterial coating product seamount effect test comparison Shenyang Water Pool Hospital hospital inpatient corridor area using Libang antibacterial internal wall systemrevealed five: fire-resistant anti-static
    as a public space, hospitals receive a large number of patients every day, the ceiling area needs to use
    A-class combustion resistance of inorganic internal wall products, block ingress and base material contact, reduce the emission of harmful substances in the fire, effectively protect the safety of health care workers and patients. Medical and technical department is the technical support system that guides the hospital operation system, which plays an increasingly important role in the hospital. Operating room, testing area and other areas in particular need to pay attention to the protection of anti-static function, can use water-based epoxy anti-static wall system, to avoid static sparks and electromagnetic waves interfere with the normal operation of medical equipment.. CT room, laboratory and other medical and technical departments using precision testing instrumentsreveal six: high-efficiency environmental protection clean taste
    ordinary paint contains
    VOC in the air, such as high content may cause nerve syndrome, so that the human body appear headache, nausea, vomiting, limb weakness symptoms, severe convulsions, coma, leading to memory loss. For the hospital to choose a low VOC content of net odor wall products, need to comply with the ten-ring certification standards, so that health care workers and patients in the fresh and harmless building space to breathe freely.Libang high-end anti-fouling inner wall system safety and environmental protection in line with the national ten ring certification standards
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