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    Health care effect of pomegranate juice

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    Did you drink pomegranate juice today? If not, you should have a drink, because this juice has some health benefits

    Pomegranate is a tall shrub native to Iran

    In 1769, the Spanish brought the tree to Latin America and California

    Today, the tree has been widely planted in many parts of the world and used to produce pomegranate juice

    The planting season is September to February in the northern hemisphere and March to may in the southern hemisphere

    Pomegranate juice is known to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol)

    It is important to keep low levels of LDL, which can reduce the threat to health

    Another therapeutic effect of pomegranate juice is to help repair skin function

    In the clinical treatment of depression, menopause related osteoporosis also has a certain effect

    There are even therapeutic and preventive effects of prostate cancer and reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease

    Pomegranate juice has many benefits, far more than those mentioned above

    Pomegranate juice can also help increase blood flow in patients with ischemic heart disease, according to Newswise news

    This disease can lead to lack of oxygen supply to the brain due to decreased blood flow during exercise

    Drinking pomegranate juice to increase blood flow can significantly improve this problem

    Pomegranate is a kind of high fiber fruit

    The dietary fiber and unsaturated fat it provides can be obtained from seeds

    In fact, many people give up a lot of nutrition while they discard seeds

    Some research reports also mentioned more benefits of pomegranate juice, including improving erectile dysfunction in men; increasing nitric oxide level in the body; reducing arterial plaque; acting as an inhibitor of ACE; reducing systolic blood pressure, and reducing plaque deposition to further form atherosclerotic sclerosis

    Pregnant women also benefit from pomegranate juice, which helps prevent brain or body damage in the event of a birth accident

    One example is the umbilical cord around the neck of a fetus

    In addition, it also contains folic acid and other essential nutrients for pregnant women

    People who regularly drink pomegranate juice feel better about their physical strength and claim that their energy levels are significantly lower when they stop drinking.
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