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    Health common sense Our five officials reflect the health problem

    • Last Update: 2020-05-13
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    In life, many people appear in the dark circles, dry lips will be thought to be caused by lack of sleep or lack of water Experts tell us that 70 percent of health problems are actually reflected directly in our faces If you want to know your health, look in the mirror In fact, our five officials do reflect our health So, how do our five officials reflect our health? Let's get a good look at it!
    The eyes tell you 6 secret dark circles get up early in the morning and find their eyes dark and dark? Be careful! This may be because there is too much waste in the blood The skin of the lower eyelid is thinner than other areas and is the easiest reflection of blood color Think about whether you've felt too stressed or overtired lately, and kidney dysfunction that dominates the urinary and reproductive organs can also darken your eyes Australian medical experts say that staying up late and eating more whole grains is the best way to eliminate dark circles!
    Eyelid puffiness Even if you don't drink much water before bedtime, the eyelids are still swollen in the morning? You may have a fluid disorder! There are many reasons for the water metabolism disorder, if the eyelids are puffy, but also feel the lower body weakness, dry mouth, may be your kidney in the "troublemaker" A healthy kidney can smoothly discharge excess water from the body, when water is insufficient, it will slow down the metabolic rate, the water hoarded in the body, resulting in mild swelling Don't worry, drink a few glasses of water, soon to recover a pair of electric eyes!
    Fat particles When fat particles appear around the eyes, the beautician will advise us to use some oil-free eye creams But medical experts tell us that fat particles are a reminder that we may have too much cholesterol in our bodies to eat At this time we may as well eat more fruits and vegetables, soon these fat grains will be gone. this article web site: reprintplease note the link of the Chinese health network, thank you for your cooperation!
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