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    Health Food Ireland releases bioactive peptide database

    • Last Update: 2021-02-08
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    database of bioactive peptides from healthy food organizations in Ireland. Images from

    Although milk has been known as the excellent source of

    protein, calcium and vitamin
    and is therefore considered
    beneficial to muscles and bones
    " for more than
    years, other features such as health-enhanced activity have not received the same attention.

    In recent years, however,
    after in-depth research
    found that
    , extracted from milk specific protein fragments
    can also be called active peptides
    to show the potential of
    out of
    in reducing the risk of diseases such as type
    diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    , an Irish health food organization based at the University of Limerick, have developed a database to identify peptide changes in the body after ingesting milk and dairy products.

    database is available
    papers published in
    Trends in Food Science

    to the food industry the

    lists the areas of the body that identify peptides, amino acid sequences, fragment details, and their in-body biological activity. The content and value of the
    will continue to grow

    the database will ultimately save the food industry considerable money and time
    ingredients with functional health benefits

    that the database would be
    a key resource for companies interested in commercializing
    bioactive peptides, as well as providing first-hand information on ingredients
    products containing specific bioactive peptides.

    means companies don't have to do their own research from scratch and have access to insighted frames of reference, saving time and resources.

    preventive health benefits

    the global food industry has invested
    in a large number of
    research and identification of these bioactive peptides because they provide preventive health benefits through natural food ingredients.

    databases in the public domain detailing the function of identified bioactive peptides and their possible effects on the body. However, these databases are usually not exhaustive.

    , information found in patent literature is not included in these databases. If researchers and the food industry have access to the resources to put all this information together, there will be huge benefits in terms of resource and time investment.

    An increasing number of studies

    said Dr. alice Nongonierma
    , a senior research scientist in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Limerick

    , who says more research is needed to understand the fate trajectory of milk peptides in the body after milk and dairy products are ingested.

    will be able to identify potential bioavailable active peptides, Nongonierma said. These peptides could be used as health enhancers in the future.

    Integrating this information into a database will be invaluable for the food industry to select bioactive peptide sequences for the design of biofunsic ingredients
    products for human intervention research and development.

    Practical Use

    there are many examples of bioactive peptide sequences that have been used to develop biofunsic ingredients and products.

    one is
    , a protein-derived bioactive tripeptide with blood pressure-lowering properties that
    has listed for sale in Asia (Japan).

    immunomodulation is also an area of biological activity of interest to researchers, where peptides are fully identified and included in the new

    Other ongoing
    studies by FHI
    include glucose management and muscle growth, and
    is working to obtain sufficient data in the near future to include these findings in the database.

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