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    Health insurance co-ordination gradually opento dispensing to pharmacies, 29 commonly used drugs can be directly reimbursed

    • Last Update: 2020-06-16
    • Source: Internet
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    On June 11, Guangxi Debao County Health Insurance Bureau issued a notice that, according to the spirit of the relevant documents, decided to include some fixed-point retail pharmacies into the scope of outpatient special chronic disease sappointment servicesIt is understood that the total number of the text points to 29 kinds of outpatient special chronic diseases, for these types of patients to purchase medicine costs, can be directly settled in the designated pharmacy.
    Uniquely, on March 5, Fuzhou City Health Insurance Bureau also issued a message that, in order to reduce the risk of cross-infection in medical institutions during the epidemic, to facilitate its direct dispensing in the nearfixed fixed-point pharmacy settlement, the Municipal Health Insurance Bureau recently in 5 fixed-point retail pharmacies to start the chronically ill drugstore drug purchase co-ordination fund payment pilot, the insured personnel can directly purchase the required drugs on-site reimbursement settlement in the pilot pharmacy.
    In addition, Linyi City, Shandong Province, medical security bureau outpatient chronic disease service platform in the previous period also officially launched on-line trialInsured chronically ill patients in the city's first batch of 35 fixed-point medical institutions and 6 fixed-point retail pharmacies can be in the fixed-point hospital medical purchase of drugs directly reimbursed, but also with the fixed-point hospital issued prescriptions for chronic diseases to the fixed-point pharmacy purchase drugs directly.
    In fact, as can be seen from the above examples, health insurance co-ordination is gradually open to pharmacies, and the scale of liberalization is getting larger and largerAccording to incomplete statistics, Zhejiang, Kunming, Guangzhou and many other places have been to the drugstore to open up the overall account of health insurance.
    For example, in December 2019, the Guangdong Health Security Bureau, the Guangdong Provincial Health And Health Commission and the Guangdong Provincial Drug Administration jointly issued the "Guidelines on Promoting the Supply of Chronic Drug Supply in Retail Pharmacies for Basic Medical Insurance in Guangdong Province" to liberalize the overall account of medical insurance to connect medical insurance pharmaciesAmong them, the new payment range for 17 kinds of negotiated anti-cancer drugs, the national drug centralized procurement of selected products, hypertension and diabetes drugs three categories of products, and provides for each drug pricing range and price increase.
    According to the forecast, its future co-ordination account can pay the range of drugs is expected to gradually expand with the subsequent negotiation selling varieties and the number of varieties purchased in the belt, conducive to expanding the number of retail pharmacies prescription drugs, the corresponding varieties of sales is expected to increase, in the long term, pharmacies are expected to drive the increase in revenue and gross margin through sales growth.
    In general, although the current degree of opening of the overall medical insurance account is not very large, medical insurance fixed-point pharmacies in the designated drugs in the payment price, eligibility and other aspects of many problems, but with the continuous opening of regional health insurance co-ordination accounts, or is expected to form a demonstration effect, to promote the future more provinces gradually open the health insurance co-ordination account to the health insurance pharmacy.
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