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    "Healthy China·Breast Cancer Critical Decade Action" was officially launched to help breast cancer survive...

    • Last Update: 2021-05-03
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    The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline in 2016.
    President Xi Jinping proposed that by 2030, achieve the health management of chronic diseases for the entire population and the entire life cycle, and the overall 5-year cancer survival rate will increase by 15%.
    In the past five years, my country’s medical and health undertakings have made tremendous progress during the 13th Five-Year Plan, which coincides with the opening year of the 14th Five-Year Plan.
    In the “Proposals for the Annual Plan and the 2035 Long-Term Goals”, for the medical and health sector, the “Proposals” put forward “sound a multi-level social security system”, “promote the construction of a healthy China in an all-round way” and “implement a national strategy for actively responding to the aging of the population”.
    Important planning.

    In order to fully respond to the planning goals of "Healthy China 2030" and further implement the concept of comprehensive and full-cycle maintenance and protection of people’s health, sponsored by China Cancer Foundation, National Cancer Center, Beijing Society for Breast Disease Prevention and Treatment, Boao Tumor Innovation Institute, China The "2021 China Cancer Health Management Conference and the 5th Chief Expert Forum on Breast Cancer Management and Management of Breast Cancer" hosted by the Cancer Hospital of the Academy of Medical Sciences, the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology, and the China Cancer Health Management Institute were held.

    According to the latest global cancer burden data released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization in 2020, China will have 416,371 new cases of breast cancer in 2020, accounting for 19.
    9% ​​of the total number of new cancers in women, ranking first.
    Although with the development of diagnosis and treatment technology and the clinical application of innovative drugs, the 5-year survival rate of breast cancer patients in my country has increased to 83.
    2% in recent years, but there is still a gap with developed countries in Europe and America, especially the 5-year survival rate of advanced patients in my country is only Is 20%.
    At the same time, there is still room for improvement in breast cancer prevention and control in my country in terms of clinical management standardization, team building professionalism, and medical security fairness.
    Taking this as an opportunity, for breast cancer, the most common malignant tumor for women, breast cancer experts joined hands with many cross-field experts to pioneer a new concept of “all-round, full-cycle” tumor health management, and explored new models of tumor prevention and control.

    At this conference, many breast cancer subject leaders, experts, and guests also jointly launched the "Healthy China·Critical Decade of Breast Cancer Action" (HC-ABC project), taking China's breast cancer standardized diagnosis and treatment capacity improvement and quality control level promotion as an example The core, focusing on the four dimensions of quality control system construction, quality control research results transformation, standardized diagnosis and treatment capacity building, and the formation of the "Annual Report on Standardized Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer in China".
    The integrated output of medical resources will help improve the survival rate of breast cancer in the next ten years, so as to achieve the overall goal of increasing the overall 5-year survival rate of cancer by 15%.

    In this regard, Professor Ma Fei pointed out: “Breast cancer, which is the number one incidence of female malignant tumors, uses its single-disease quality control as the starting point.
    In this critical decade from 2030, it will gradually change from including the quality of standardized diagnosis and treatment.
    Control, screening and early diagnosis and treatment, multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment, treatment of intractable diseases, patient management and scientific popularization will be carried out step by step to continue to improve the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment.
    At the same time, as an overall strategy for national tumor quality control and screening The success of the pilot single disease and the breast cancer pilot will also provide lessons and templates for the prevention and treatment of lung cancer, gastrointestinal tumors and other types of cancer, thereby contributing to the realization of the overall cancer 5-year survival in'Healthy China 2030'.
    The goal of increasing the rate by 15% will make a greater contribution.

    Professor Ying Jianming of the Department of Pathology, Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences introduced that in terms of discipline construction, the overall situation in China is that the quality of pathology reports is different from the standard level.
    Therefore, taking advantage of the opportunity of the quality control of single breast cancer disease, This conference proposed pathology as the first sub-specialty, and cooperated with the pathology professional committee to focus on improving the homogeneity and standardization of the domestic pathology profession.
    It is believed that it will play a key role in the core content of breast cancer and even tumor treatment.

    Professor Wu Xinhong from Hubei Cancer Hospital said that patient follow-up and its management mechanism are crucial to the protection of patients' treatment effect, the monitoring and active management of the individual's overall health.
    To do a good job in patient follow-up management, first, the competent department needs to be implemented in a down-to-earth manner.
    In Hubei Province’s "323 Cancer Prevention Action", we clearly included patient management in the Hubei Province plan and task book for promotion; second, for professional doctors Raise awareness to strengthen patients’ awareness of follow-up in daily work; third, strengthen the input of relevant departments in the hospital, such as by establishing a medical record management platform, registering and follow-up and reminding all breast patients, combined with relevant patient management and follow-up paths The quality control mechanism is believed to have a positive impact on the further improvement of breast cancer treatment effects.

    Professor Jin Feng from the Department of Breast Surgery of the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University emphasized that multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment (MDT) plays a vital role in the overall management of breast cancer.
    MDT will further improve patient treatment by integrating multidisciplinary experience and wisdom.
    Effectiveness and overall health level.
    At the same time, the sinking of mechanisms and concepts requires us to pay more attention to how to improve the level of MDT in all parts of the country, including primary medical institutions through discipline construction and other efforts.
    It is recommended to establish a high-quality stable team and strengthen the guiding ideology of covering the whole process.
    , Strengthen domestic and foreign academic and experience exchanges, and comprehensively promote MDT to implement the four aspects of treatment, to strengthen the construction of MDT, and promote the improvement of the professional level of regional and primary medical institutions.

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