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    Heat shrink test box fault treatment method

    • Last Update: 2020-11-16
    • Source: Internet
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    Heat shrink test case is a test equipment to be prepared in the textile, paper industry, scientific research and other fields, for testing and determining the temperature environment of other textile products and materials for high temperature or constant testing after the sample shrinkage rate.
    that any good device may experience a failure problem.
    you master the troubleshooting method of using the medium heat shrink test box on a daily basis? Below, Dongxuan instrument summarized the following points for you to detail the heat shrink test box fault treatment method: the phenomenon principle of processing no power outlet no power supply socket plug is not plugged in or disconnected plug or wire fuse open fuse no display wiring off or temperature controller bad re-wiring, replacement temperature controller PV display on the overflow adjustment temperature setting PV display Overflow adjustment temperature setting PV display shows□□□□ temperature sensor fault repair or replacement of non-heating equipment in a timed end state press set set temperature low adjustment temperature setting value electric heater bad replacement heater temperature controller bad replacement temperature controller setting temperature and box temperature error large circulating fan does not work repair or change control parameter deviation correction control parameter temperature sensor fault repair or replacement cycle fan Sound abnormal circulation fan wind blade rub air channel plate repair wind turbine bearing oil deficiency replacement cycle fan phenomenon principle to deal with temperature out-of-control SCR bad replacement SCR temperature sensor fixed off fixed temperature sensor temperature controller bad replacement temperature controller on the above described heat shrink test box fault treatment method has an insysyshension place or what other laboratory equipment technical problems friends can directly contact our sales and after-sales personnel.
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