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    Heavy! China-EU drug companies jointly develop new anti-cancer drugs with a total value of nearly US$2 billion

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    , June 9 (Xinhua Zhao Yongxin) China's pharmaceutical companies international cooperation innovation heavy news: Cinda Biopharmaceutical Group today announced that it has reached a total of nearly 2 billion U.Sdollars in strategic cooperation with global pharmaceutical giant Roche PharmaceuticalsThe two sides will work together in depth in the field of bispecific antibody and immunocellular therapy for the benefit of cancer patients worldwideit is understood that the potential milestone of this cooperation between the two sides totals about US$1.96 billion, which is by far one of the largest international technical cooperation in the field of biopharmaceuticals in China, and the first time that Roche Pharmaceuticals has conducted technology platform cooperation with Chinese biopharmaceutical companiesindustry insiders pointed out that the two sides of the strong combination, covering the early development and late clinical development of a number of products of double resistance and cell therapy, is expected to bring about a new breakthrough therapy of tumor pharmaceuticalfocus on the research and development of two new anti-cancer drugs
    this Cinda Bio and Roche Pharmaceuticals cooperation, focusing on two major new anti-cancer drug hot spots: bispecific antibodies and cell therapyDrXu Wei, Vice President of Bioplastic Biology and Translational Medicine atCinda, said that with the development of medical technology, tumor therapy has been transitioned from chemotherapy and targeted therapy to immunotherapy, greatly improving the survival rate of patientsIn the field of tumor immunotherapy, monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, cell therapy is the most cutting-edge three trendsRoche Pharmaceuticals is a global leader in bispecific antibodies, and this partnership will leverage Roche's unique "2-1" bispecific antibody platform, combined with cinda bio-developed new targets of antibodies, to create the most advanced T cell interface antibodies (T cell eratinr) in the field of dual-anti-resistance, covering the early development and post-clinical development of both productsThe partnership will also leverage Roche's unique universal CAR-T platform to develop the next generation of generic CAR-T products in cell therapy, covering the early development and post-clinical development of five productsSeveral products will bring new breakthroughs in the treatment of hematomas and solid tumors, and the two sides will also consider expanding the scope of cooperation in the futureAnother area of this collaboration between the twois immunocellular therapyThe technology is to treat diseases by using the bioengineered cells themselves as a drug that is imported into the human body to treat diseases Among them, CAR-T is a hot technique in immunocellular therapy, excellent results in hematoma has been shown, but the problem of recurrence after treatment has not been solved, more importantly, the efficacy of solid tumor has not been broken According to Dr Xu Wei, the main goal of the cooperation is to combat solid tumors, using Roche's unique universal CAR-T platform, combined with Cinda Bio's new target, the development of the most advanced general-purpose CAR-T products in the field of cell therapy The new technology also reduces the toxicity problems associated with cell therapy, as well as relapse and immune escape problems associated with individual targets   "This international technical cooperation will be a breakthrough in the world's leading technology, leading the entire field of treatment of the subversive revolution." Mr Xu said to create a new model of technology platform-based cooperation
    according to the introduction, the Cinda Bio and Roche Pharmaceuticals use their latest technology to cooperate, layout of the future of the world's most competitive products This is also a new model of technical cooperation in the field of international cooperation in biomedicine under the agreement, Cinda Bio will pay a down payment, development and commercial milestones and product sales commission for its use of Roche Pharmaceuticals' Technology Development 2-1 Antibody Platform and General Purpose CAR-T Platform Cinda Bio owns the global intellectual property rights of this cooperative product and uses the technical advantages of the cooperation framework to promote the development of the cooperative products in China The partnership also provides that Roche Pharmaceuticals reserves the exclusive buyback option for the development and commercialization of these products outside China pending the completion of the first phase of clinical trials of the co-operative products in China Roche Pharmaceuticals is required to pay Cinda Bio approximately $140 million in a lump sum when exercising its option, and if all products are successfully developed and commercialized, Roche Pharmaceuticals will also pay Cinda Bio a total of about $1.96 billion in product development, approval and sales milestones, as well as double-digit sales per product after years of steady play, Cinda Bio has become a leader in the field of antibodies in China's biopharmaceutical industry, with plans to develop innovative products with global competitiveness in a five-year period Compared with monoclonal antibodies, the , bispecific antibodies can not only enhance the targeting of drugs, but also use the synergy between dual targets to kill tumor cells, to a certain extent, to solve the problems such as low response rate and off-targeting in monoantidrugs But the development of dual resistance is more complex and has higher technical barriers Xu Wei believes that whether there is a technical platform to adapt to the dual-resistance molecules will have an important impact on the drug-making, mismatch rate and stability of the molecules The adaptability of platform and target selection is the cornerstone of determining the success of dual-resistance projects Roche Pharmaceuticals is a world-renowned oncology pharmaceutical company with the world's most advanced technology platform in the field of double resistance - the 2-plus-one antibody platform Currently, several products based on this platform are in global clinical development Cinda bio in the dual-resistant field has long been laid out, relying on its own unique antibody development platform, has developed a high-quality new target The collaboration, based on Roche's pharmaceutical technology platform, and Cinda Bio's target, together to build a new dual-specific T cell-linked antibody (T cell engager) It is worth mentioning that prior to this, Cinda Biology has 6 bispecific antibody drugs in the study, and this cooperation with Roche Pharmaceuticals, the bispecific T cell interface antibody (T cell engager) is different from the traditional dual-anti-resistance technology, is the future of international competitive dual-resistance technology, is expected to solve the clinically unmet tumor types international cooperation and innovation to a new high
    this collaboration with Roche Pharmaceuticals is the second time Cinda Bio has joined forces with the world's top pharmaceutical group since 2015 Cinda Bio has thus become one of the few biopharmaceutical companies in China to enter into strategic cooperation with the two world giants March and October 2015, Cinda Bio and Lilly signed two strategic cooperation agreements, obtained down payment and milestone amounting to more than 1.5 billion U.S dollars, became a milestone event in the history of China's biopharmaceuticals, the first time a Chinese enterprise has authorized the international market for innovative biopharmaceuticals to the World 500 Compulsory Pharmaceutical Group, and was the largest international cooperation in the field of biomedicine in China at that time, the first time that China's original invention selling of original drugs sold international prices was founded in 2011, Cinda Bio, adhering to the "starting from the letter, up to line" business philosophy and "developing high-quality biological drugs that people can afford" purposes, is committed to the development, production and sales of innovative drugs for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune, metabolic diseases and other major diseases Up to now, Cinda Bio has established a product chain of 23 new drug species, covering tumors, autoimmune, metabolic diseases and other disease areas Among them, 6 varieties were selected in the national "major new drug creation" special, 17 varieties into clinical research, 5 varieties into clinical phase III or critical clinical research, 4 single anti-product listing applications were accepted by the China Drug Administration, of which 3 were included in the priority review, 1 product (Cindy SEPT Injection, trade name: Dabershu?, English trademark: TYVYT?) was listed and in November 2019 became the only PD-1 inhibitor to enter the new National Health Insurance Catalog   "Cinda Bio began the development of cell therapy several years ago, and this strategic partnership with Roche marks an important step forward in building a cell therapy discovery platform "With Roche's unique and innovative, universal-purpose CAR-T technology, Cinda will have a stronger and broader presence in the field of cell therapy, " said Dr Yu Dechao, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Cinda Bio At the same time, we also rely on Roche's platform advantages on the "2-1" T-cell dual-specific antibodies to discover, develop and commercialize new bispecific molecules to consolidate and expand our innovative dual-specific antibody product chain   "This strategic collaboration is exciting! He told reporters that Cinda Bio will use the technical advantages of the cooperation framework to promote the development of these products in China, while Roche retains the option to develop outside China, hoping to provide more effective and innovative treatments for patients around the world industry insiders pointed out that in the current context, this important international scientific and technological cooperation not only proves that China's biotechnology companies' research and development capabilities are still recognized by Western countries, but also show the world that the trend of international scientific and technological cooperation for the benefit of human well-being is irresistible.
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