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    Heavyweight: 100 Xinyi provides 2019 ncov full set of antibodies - and is humanized

    • Last Update: 2020-04-03
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    At present, the immunological detection of 2019-ncov mainly focuses on IgM / IgG of anti-N and S proteins in human blood

    In order to achieve the rapid screening of 2019-ncov, the main method currently used is the lateral chromatography, or rather, the indirect gold standard test strip

    In order to achieve this method, four core materials and at least one germplasm control product are needed, i.e

    antigen, gold standard detection antibody, c-line antibody and quality control positive antibody

    We've talked a lot about antigens before, but we can't expand them here, but we should remind you that we can't simply select a full-length protein to solve the problem

    Today we will talk about the antibodies used in this method


    To detect antibody, firstly, the antibody needs to be able to specifically bind human IgM and / or IgG, so the antibody is better to be monoclonal antibody

    It's not to say that multi antibody is not good, but in terms of probability, it must be that the specificity of monoclonal antibody is better, and it's better to select genetically engineered antibody, with high purity and few defects

    Secondly, we should remind you that HAMA effect is a problem that is easy to be ignored! At present, the anti human IgM / IgG antibodies provided on the market are mostly polyclonal antibodies of species such as sheep and rabbits, or monoclonal antibodies of mice

    There are a lot of heterophilic antibodies in human blood

    When non-human antibodies are used in human blood detection, heterophilic antibodies will more or less interfere with the sensitivity or accuracy of detection

    At present, the solution on the market is generally to add clean antibodies, which is obviously a no way

    In fact, to put it another way, wouldn't it be better if we replaced all the antibodies for detection with adult or humanized ones? But, generally speaking, humanization is very expensive and slow, so we can't afford it

    But Bai Xinyi is an expert in humanization, so the antibodies we provide are all humanized monoclonal antibodies, so the HAMA effect is fundamentally avoided

    At present, we can provide anti human IgG (FC), anti human kappa light chain, anti human heavy chain ch1 domain and anti human IgM

    These antibodies have been strictly tested, with strong specificity

    Take the anti kappa antibody as an example, it only binds to human kappa light chain, but not to the antibody of species such as mice or rabbits (Fig


    In addition, due to its small size (anti kappa antibody is nano antibody) and high human origin, it will not be recognized by heterophilic antibodies in human blood (for more information on the second antibody, please refer to the second antibody No


    In addition, it's said that the anti human IgM antibodies on the market are not specific, or you can try our humanized anti IgM monoclonal antibody, maybe the problem will be solved

    Figure 1

    There is no nonspecific reaction between Bacardi test antibody and negative serum


    C-line antibody (1)

    If you choose Bacardi nano antibody as the test antibody, we recommend that you choose our human anti-c-ter his tag MAb (product number) as the c-line antibody

    The antibody has excellent specificity

    It only recognizes c-ter his and does not recognize n-ter or his tag in the middle

    All of our nano antibodies have c-ter his tag, so they can be perfectly recognized by human anti-c-ter his tag mAb antibody

    In addition, because the antibody is human antibody, it can also be recognized by our anti-human nano antibody, so as to achieve double combination and perfect c-line effect (Figure)

    (2) If you choose our human monoclonal antibody as the detection antibody, we recommend that you choose our anti human IgG nano antibody as the c-line antibody

    (3) if you choose other mouse or rabbit antibody as the detection antibody, we can also provide anti mouse or rabbit nano antibody as the c-line antibody


    At present, quality control antibody kits for indirect detection of antibody have difficulties in quality control

    In order to solve this problem, Bai Xinyi has specially developed six humanized monoclonal antibodies

    Using humanized monoclonal antibody as quality control can simulate the positive sample to the greatest extent (you can even throw our antibody directly into the negative blood, and use the negative blood to simulate the positive blood), so it is the best choice for you to carry out quality control

    (1) The quality control of S antigen provides four s antibodies, one of which binds s1-rbd (Figure 2), one binds S1, and two bind S2

    There are many application scenarios of these four kinds of antibodies, which can be used for quality control, or for sandwich detection of S antigen


    2 quality control of S1 antibody binding to RBD region of S protein (2) n antigen provides two N antibodies, both of which bind to N-terminal domain of N protein

    Among them, bn9 is a space epitope antibody (Figure 3), bn18 is a N-terminal linear epitope antibody

    Both antibodies can be used for the quality control of n-protein-based test strips, and they can also be matched to detect n antigen by sandwich method

    As we mentioned many times in the previous article, n-antigen has poor stability and is often broken from the middle

    Therefore, the sandwich method is more valuable than the detection of the whole n-antigen

    Figure 3

    The specific binding of bn9 antibody and N-terminal domain of N protein is still that sentence

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