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    Heavyweight file release! Affecting all medical representatives

    • Last Update: 2020-06-17
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    On June 5, the State Drug Administration officially issued the Measure
    s for the Administration of the Record of Pharmaceutical Representatives (Trial) (Draft for Comments) (hereinafter referred to as the Draft for Comments). This is also the national version of the drug generation filing system after two and a half years ushered in the second consultation revisiona total of 18 drafts for comments, compared with the previous edition, the new version of the medical representative's academic qualifications, the main responsibility for the filing, the violation of prohibited matters after the treatment, as well as the record platform construction and maintenance and other aspects have made major changes, the pharmaceutical representative's professional qualifications are not specific requirements, but by the drug market license holders to the pharmaceutical representative's ability to control, and clearly by the drug market license holder to the pharmaceutical representative's behavior to restrict, correct and regulatethe concept of pharmaceutical representative, refers to the representative of drug market license holders in the People's Republic of China engaged in drug information transmission, communication, feedback professionals, its main duties include: academic promotion, technical advice, to assist medical personnel to rational use of drugs, collection, feedback on drug clinical trials and adverse drug informationit is worth mentioning that the Draft for Comments re-emphasizes that the duties of pharmaceutical representatives are academic promotion and other activities, prohibit ingest pharmaceutical representatives from undertaking drug sales tasks, propose to prohibit "the assignment of drug sales tasks to pharmaceutical representatives, require pharmaceutical representatives to collect and process purchase and sale bills" and "pharmaceutical representatives to undertake drug sales tasks, collection and processing of purchase and sale bills."in fact, it is also the consensus of all parties to call on medical representatives to return to academic standardsAs early as 2015, the medical representative's profession was included in the professional classification of our country, and the content of its academic promotion is stipulatedThe Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Review and Approval System to Encourage Innovation in Pharmaceutical Medical Devices, issued in 2017, clearly state that the academic promotion of pharmaceuticals should be regulated, and that pharmaceutical representatives should be responsible for the academic promotion of pharmaceuticalsThe pharmaceutical representative is not a sales person and should not undertake the task of selling drugsIn addition, the same year issued on further reform and improve the use of drug production and circulation of a number of policies are also clear, drug regulatory departments to strengthen the management of pharmaceutical representatives, pharmaceutical representatives may not undertake the task of drug salesfrom a policy point of view, medical representatives in the professional, code of conduct, professional ethics and other aspects will face higher requirements, the past lie down to make money days are gone, some medical representatives may be eliminatedAlthough under the influence of the volume procurement policy, the pharmaceutical industry still needs pharmaceutical representatives, but in the short term in the recruitment of this class of pharmaceutical representatives, the big probability will be multi-faceted considerations, and put forward high standards and high requirementsNow, with the pharmaceutical representative management reform industry norms imperative, pharmaceutical representatives management methods called out, I believe that in the near future, the "Measures" will officially landIn this context, for the pharmaceutical representatives, only through continuous learning, improve their professionalism, to be more professional than others, in order to change in the future in the pharmaceutical market to find a placeAs the industry has said, "Pharmaceutical synodis of this profession, the future must be a high degree of specialization, must be high standards of requirements, high and strict compliance, this direction is probably our overall future pharmaceutical representative of a capacity model." "
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