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    Hebei Promulgated Measures for the Identification of Key Chemical Monitoring Points

    • Last Update: 2021-09-30
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      In order to standardize the management of the chemical industry, Sinochem Corporation will improve the level of intrinsically safe and green development of key chemical enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and improve quality and efficiency
    A few days ago, the General Office of the Hebei Provincial Government issued the "Measures for the Identification of Key Chemical Monitoring Points in Hebei Province"


      Key chemical control points refer to those outside of the specialized chemical parks and chemical concentration areas recognized in accordance with the "Hebei Province Chemical Industry Park Certification Measures (Trial)", in line with national industrial policies, management standards, high technological level, large-scale total, and safety Chemical production enterprises with complete environmental protection measures and outstanding economic benefits

      Enterprises identified as key monitoring points shall refer to the implementation of enterprises in the chemical park in terms of project approval, construction and management
    Support enterprises to build, rebuild, and expand existing equipment products and upstream and downstream projects in the industrial chain in accordance with laws and regulations in accordance with the relevant regulations on the construction and management of chemical projects


      Independent legal entities that are controlled by companies identified as key monitoring points and connected to the production sites of key monitoring points can be included in the monitoring scope of relevant key monitoring point enterprises on the premise that they meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection
    Support enterprises that are included in the monitoring scope of key monitoring points to renovate and expand existing production equipment and products in the factory area in accordance with laws and regulations


      To be identified as a key monitoring point, the following conditions should be met at the same time: the factory area is concentrated and contiguous, in line with the land and space planning of the company's location (urban and rural planning, land use overall planning); the company's production and storage facilities and surrounding schools, hospitals, residential areas and other sensitive points The distance meets the requirements of external safety and atmospheric environment protection distance; enterprise products, process technology equipment and production scale meet the current national "Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog", "Foreign Investment Industry Guidance Catalog" and relevant national, provincial, and municipal industrial policy requirements ; The average main business income of basic chemical production enterprises in the previous year or the past three years is more than 1 billion yuan, and the tax contribution is not less than 50 million yuan; the average main business income of fine chemical and new chemical materials production enterprises in the previous year or the past three years1 More than 100 million yuan, tax contribution is not less than 5 million yuan; high-tech enterprises, agricultural production enterprises, resource comprehensive utilization enterprises, export-oriented enterprises and enterprises that undertake the task of national and provincial production capacity, each city can appropriately lower the standard according to the actual situation; The company has complete environmental protection and safety facilities, with a centralized safety and environmental monitoring and monitoring system, covering all major hazard sources and sewage outlets; hazardous waste storage meets safety and environmental protection related requirements; the company is equipped with management personnel that meet the needs of safe and environmentally friendly production and meet safety requirements The fire-fighting facilities and personnel required by production and emergency rescue have effective management capabilities such as safety, environmental protection, and emergency; they were not subject to the state or provincial listed supervision during the year, and there were no unfinished rectification issues such as safety, environmental protection, and fire protection within a time limit

      The key monitoring points are identified and announced by the governments of each city (including Dingzhou and Xinji)
    Encourage the development of key monitoring points to the chemical park, strengthen the industrial chain of the park, optimize the industrial ecology of the park, and promote the improvement of the development quality of the park


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