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    Heilongjiang Province Seeds, Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides are coming to an end.

    • Last Update: 2021-07-24
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    Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs that the province’s seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides are coming to an end.
    In response to the current high pressure on straw leaving the field, possible local droughts and floods, and slow soil moisture, the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs It is proposed that all localities should take into account this year's soil moisture, highlight the word "grab", organize the land preparation work with high standards, grab the farming time, raise standards, and be prepared
    From the perspective of agricultural conditions, as of April 6, more than 800,000 tons of grain seeds have been cleaned and processed in the province, and more than 1 million tons have been removed, accounting for 97.
    1% of the demand; chemical fertilizers have been reduced to 93.
    1% of the demand; pesticides have been reduced 65.
    6% of the demand; the total demand for spring ploughing funds is 98.
    4 billion yuan, and 97.
    2 billion yuan has been raised, accounting for 98.
    8% of the total demand
    In the next step, all localities should strive to improve the standards for rice seedlings, select seeds, do a good job of seed coating treatment, raise the standards for soaking and accelerating germination, make seedbeds, place seedling trays, raise seedlings with high standards, strengthen seedling field management, and do a good job in rice preparation.
    Strive to breed large and strong seedlings to lay the foundation for a bumper harvest throughout the year
    Efforts should be made to improve the quality of land preparation, insist on moisture conservation operations, and implement scattered moisture operations on some low-lying land to ensure moisture content, farming time, and full seedlings
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