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    Heilongjiang strengthens cold chain prevention and control to achieve sales by "code"

    • Last Update: 2021-07-23
    • Source: Internet
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    Original title: Strengthen cold chain prevention and control to achieve sales by "code"

    On the 7th, the headquarters of the Provincial Leading Group for Response to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Situation held a special video conference
    The meeting conveyed and implemented the spirit of the relevant meetings of the State Council and the spirit of the speech of Zhang Qingwei, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, and studied and deployed the province's epidemic prevention and control work


    Li Haitao, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Executive Vice Governor, Acting Commander of the Provincial Leading Group for Response to the Epidemic, and Deputy Governor Shen Ying attended the meeting
    Sun Dongsheng, deputy commander and deputy governor of the Provincial Leading Group for Response to the Epidemic, presided over the meeting


    The meeting requested that all municipalities and relevant departments should earnestly study the spirit of the State Council and Secretary Zhang Qingwei’s meeting on epidemic prevention and control in winter and spring, fully understand the complexity of the epidemic, carry out work at a higher level, and always tighten epidemic prevention and control according to the requirements of wartime conditions.
    This string is to fully consolidate work responsibilities and ensure that the epidemic prevention and control network can be carried in a net bag to the end


    The meeting pointed out that the special supervision work of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism is to check the pulse of the epidemic prevention and control work in our province again.
    All relevant municipalities and local departments must attach great importance to the special supervision work to further investigate loopholes, make up for shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses.
    Under the guidance of the special supervision team, the responsibilities of the Quartet will be further consolidated, and the epidemic prevention and control work will be done scientifically and accurately


    The meeting emphasized that all municipalities, townships, departments, and key enterprises and institutions must follow the provincial epidemic prevention and control work leading group headquarters and the provincial health and health commission’s "five-one network" prevention and control requirements, that is, communities, towns, and rural areas must have epidemics.
    The prevention and control guidelines must have prevention and control management systems and responsible persons, appropriate prevention and control and material reserves, must have the guidance and support of territorial medical and health forces, must have measures such as isolation sites and preparations for transfer arrangements, and implement grid management, Organize personnel to carry out information registration and daily health monitoring of key populations

    Earnestly carry out sorting out and self-inspection work, pay close attention to fill in shortcomings, rectify problems, implement various prevention and control measures, and further build the foundation for epidemic prevention and control


    The meeting requested that we must strictly investigate and prevent the import of epidemics in epidemic areas or areas with medium risk, strengthen related work, do a good job in related information registration, health supervision and personnel management at the peak of returning home in the spring, and strengthen the promotion of reducing mobility and preventing gatherings during the Spring Festival , Advocate people to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot
    To further strengthen the management of returnees from Dibian villages, the first secretary of the village and village cadres must effectively play the role of grassroots organizations

    Key places such as long-distance passenger stations, railway stations, airports, etc.
    should strengthen the scanning and temperature measurement work, and ensure that the entrances are well controlled

    Strictly control non-essential meetings and other gathering activities, and strengthen management and control of large-scale events

    It is necessary to continue to intensify the prevention and control of people, strengthen the cold chain prevention and control to achieve sales based on "code", do a good job in the treatment and prevention and control of hospital infections, implement the prevention and control measures for key populations and key locations, and play a good role of sentinel to strengthen monitoring, Detection capability

    It is necessary to coordinate the prevention and control of student epidemics at all levels and types of schools and educational institutions and the supervision of offline teaching during the holidays, and strengthen the education work related to student epidemics

    We must do a good job in orderly carrying out vaccination work, do a good job in vaccine supply and coordination related work, ensure that we do not miss the key node of epidemic prevention and control, build a firm bottom line of epidemic prevention and control, and maintain the healthy life of the people in our province and the overall situation of economic and social development

    (Reporter Li Meishi)

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