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    Heilongjiang Yanhua added 20 new cases of asymptomatic infection! Wangkui County implemented the closure of the city

    • Last Update: 2021-01-24
    • Source: Internet
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    As of 10 a.m. on January 11, 20 new cases of asymptomatic infections had been reported in Wangkui County, the press office of the Yuhua Municipal Government of Heilongjiang Province was informed.
    January 9, Wangkui County People's Hospital in the outpatient patients "should be checked" found that Wang a crane (female) nucleic acid test positive.
    city of Yanhua quickly launched the epidemic prevention and control response mechanism, the secret and the second secret contact to conduct a comprehensive investigation.
    first time to check out its secret successor 16 people.
    Through further epidemiological investigations, 203 secret contacts and 316 sub-secret contacts have been located, while the relevant 8,791 people have been sampled with pharynx swabs, and 2,848 people have been tested, of whom 20 are positive and the rest are negative.
    the Group of Experts, all 20 of them were asymptomatic infections.
    at the same time, the city of Yanhua to overseas, domestic high-risk areas to (return) 10,655 personnel carpet-type screening, timely nucleic acid testing, test results are negative.
    January 9, in accordance with the requirements of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council, 82 people who had left Huishe Village and Jiaxing District since December 20 were first pushed to the outbreak prevention and control headquarters of neighboring provinces and relevant provinces and urban areas for a coordinated investigation.
    In order to ensure that the outbreak is effectively controlled in the first place, the work command of the city of Shaohua, Heilongjiang Province to deal with the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia will adjust Huisi Village in Wangkui County to a medium-risk area, and timely seal and control of Li Jinghuatun and Jiaxing District in Huisi Township, where he lives and lives.
    to Wangkui County to implement the closure of the city, four doors locked, all the community villages closed management.
    the Wangkui County People's Hospital, where Wang had visited, was killed.
    to stop holding gathering activities, offline educational institutions, entertainment venues, individual clinics are closed, the elderly institutions to implement closed management.
    the city to strengthen strict control, strict control of personnel access, not necessary to leave the chemical.
    to leave the chemicalization, must hold a 3-day kernel acid test negative certificate.
    in and out of the transport vehicle personnel strictly implement the sweep communication big data travel card.
    pharmacies strictly implement the "Waugh filling" system, all cold chain transport items and non-cold chain transport, express parcels, such as the establishment of information desk accounts, strengthen traceability management.
    asymptomatic infected Wang a crane epidemiological situation: Wang a crane, female, 30 years old, live in Jiaxing District, Wangkui County.
    december 20-29, 2020, did not go out at home in Jiaxing District, Wangkui County.
    29th, at 1330 hours, accompanied by his cousin to the county People's Hospital to do four-dimensional color super, finished color super walk home.
    December 31, 2020, at 12:00, his father, Wang Yilong, drove a private car to the home of Li Jinghuatun's father in Huisi Village, Hui seven towns, and did not go out at his father's home until January 8.
    of January 9, he went to the fever clinic of the county People's Hospital and his temperature was detected normally.
    tested positive for nucleic acid at 1810 hours on 9 January.
    asymptomatic infected zhang a certain ubiquila epidemiological situation: Zhang ayu, male, 11 years old, is Wang a crane's first son, live in Jiaxing District, Wangkui County.
    from 20 December to 25 December 2020, normal classes were held at Peace Primary School in Wangkui County, during which four days were held at Langtong English cram school in Wangkui County; The private car received Hui seven town Hui seven village Li Jinghuatun grandfather's home, has not been out, January 9 at 8 pm by private car back to Wangkui County Jiaxing District home, the same day at 13 pm, to Jiaxing District North Gate barber shop hairdressing back home.
    asymptomatic infection of Wang a dragon epidemiological situation: Wang a dragon, male, 51 years old, Wang a crane father, living in Hui seven town Hui seven village Li Jinghuatun.
    from December 20, 2020 to January 2, 2021, he made several visits to a grocery store in Bentunten.
    on December 21st and 27th, he visited The Ronghua Community Service Center in Huisan Township by Xiangtun and Wangkui Counties.
    was not out on 28 December.
    , on December 29th, he went to the village of Fumin in Shuangxianhe Township, Lulen County, to attend the wedding ceremony.
    30, he attended a wedding at the Fudu Hotel in Lulen County and drove back to Huisa Town, Wangkui County.
    During the wedding ceremony in Lulen County, and December 28 from Changchun by train to Lulen County to participate in the wedding, Changchun informed of the "asymptomatic infected person one" and "asymptomatic infected person two" couple, on December 29 in the same car back to Wangkui County.
    January 3rd, he attended a dinner at the Li II Hotel in Huishe Town, and on January 4th and 8th, he twice went to Kangxu Pharmacy in Huishe Town to buy medicines.
    asymptomatic infection of Wang a certain epidemiological situation: Wang, male, 17 years old, is Wang a crane brother, Wangkui County Wangkui town residents.
    not out on December 20th and 27th, 2020.
    From December 21 to 26, 2020, Wang had dinner, shopping and entertainment in a shun breakfast shop, a supermarket in the courtyard opposite the main gate of the second middle and west side, a yellow chicken rice on the west side of the second and middle, a rainy billiard hall near the second and middle schools, and a big flag billiards room near Peace Primary School.
    December 28-31, in the Peace Primary School near the delicious breakfast shop, the second main gate opposite Xinyuan supermarket, the second central hospital supermarket, two near the customer Shanxi knife cutting noodles to eat, shopping.
    afternoon of December 31, he and his father, Wang, drove back to Li Jinghuatun's home in Huisi Village, Huisi Town, where he did not go out.
    January 2nd, I took a bus to Li II Hotel for dinner.
    January 3, the bus back to Wangkui County, to Xiaobei barber shop hairdressing, to the 8th billiard hall, collision bar billiards room, interstellar Internet access, county People's Hospital Road south and east side of the baking cold noodles stall entertainment, eating.
    on 4 January and did not go out.
    January 5th to 6th, eat breakfast at Yishun breakfast shop, train sports in the second middle school, and shop and entertain in the supermarket opposite the second middle school and the guest billiard club.
    7, he returned by car to the home of Li Jinghuatun Wang in Hui Seven Village, Huisi Town.
    9 January, at 2300 hours, was received to Wangkui County People's Hospital for centralized isolation.
    asymptomatic infected person Chen a cloud epidemiological situation.
    Chen, female, 50 years old, is Wang's wife, living in Hui seven town Hui seven village Li Jinghuatun.
    from 20 December 2020 to 9 January 2021 and has no history of going out.
    asymptomatic infected li a certain epidemiological situation.
    Li, male, 40 years old, lives in Huisi Village, Huisi Town, Wangkui County, Li Jinghuatun.
    from 20 December 2020 to 8 January 2021, he was not away from home and went to the village elections on 4 December and 26 December.
    on January 5, he went shopping at the Bentun Grocery Store.
    January 8, go to the village branch to collect the registration form.
    January 9, self-driving car through Wangkui County to Harbin Taiping International Airport to pick up her daughter home, during which did not enter the airport terminal, the same day at 24 o'clock was taken to Wangkui County People's Hospital centralized isolation.
    14 other cases of asymptomatic infection trajectory, the city will be in accordance with the situation of the detection and flow of timely publication.
    Next, Yihua City will be in accordance with the Heilongjiang Provincial Committee and Heilongjiang Provincial Command unified deployment, under the guidance of the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Heilongjiang Provincial Health Commission, Heilongjiang Province CDC experts, and time race, in accordance with the provincial committee "ten first time" requirements, speed up the flow of troubleshooting, in the shortest possible time to all the close contacts, second secret contacts and associates to find, to ensure that no one is missing.
    to speed up the progress of nucleic acid testing in Wangkui County.
    strive to complete the full test in 2-3 days.
    strict control measures to completely stop the spread of the epidemic.
    under the direct guidance of heilongjiang Provincial Expert Group, go all out to carry out treatment.
    further strengthen the disclosure of information, timely release of authoritative information, increase the epidemic prevention and control of popular knowledge publicity, improve the general public's ability to prevent and control the epidemic.
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