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    Henan Oilfield Cleverly Uses Idle Pipes and Rods to Save Costs

    • Last Update: 2021-07-30
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      Recently, in order to effectively control and further reduce production costs and maximize profitable oil production, the Jianghe Oil Production Management Zone of Henan Oilfield No.
    1 Oil Production Plant has actively used its brains to "find" a group in Changguan wells.
    Idle pipes and rods met the urgent production needs of 7-14 oil wells, realized repeated reuse, and saved a total of more than 50,000 yuan in cost


      Since the beginning of this year, the management area has firmly established the concept of "all costs are controllable", effectively controlling and reducing production costs, fully running through the production process, on-site optimization of the production management process, and achieving significant work progress and results
    Among them, during the implementation of tubing operations on the 7-14 oil wells, the management area found that 134 pipes and rods had serious eccentric wear and corrosion problems on the spot, which affected normal production and operation


      According to the practice of previous years, all the above 134 pipe rods need to be updated, which requires a large amount of production cost
    In order to find ways to save this cost, the management area through the "single well analysis meeting" demonstration and analysis, respectively in Changguan well J8-607, K6-20 wells "purchased" to 134 idle pipes and rods, just to meet the 7- 14 Oil well production needs, cost-saving results are obvious


      (Wang Bing)

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